Roads are transferred, not annexed. Is there a property annexation on the table?

So from reading this article, the board did everything by the book and legally. Right? Why is it the topic of an editorial about overuse of executive sessions? Are there other boards doing it excessively or incorrectly?

Where is the trail cam photo? It is misleading to have some random photo of a bear that was not near the area associated with this article. And people wonder why fake news has become an issue at every level!

Without knowing what the points mean, or what the 50-50 refers to, this entire article is not understandable (see below). Better to use the space to let readers know how this impacts them that telling us the confusing things the commissioners talked about without any context! “The number …

Learn to pronounce
cunning, scheming, and unscrupulous, especially in politics.

How is the parking problem machiavellian?

Also, here vs. hear have different meanings ...

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But where does the snow go to after they move it?
(Also, advice should be the word)

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Who were the participants? Who won the awards mentioned?

The Pioneer sure covers the court cases in Lawrence and Butte County. Will the same be true for Meade?

Oops, Lead VFD, not VFW.

Seriously, just post the report if the "article" recaps the numbers and doesn't explain how they matter.

Also, the Deadwood Main Street square article - what is the space going to be used for? Is it a park, or a venue? And what will happen with the building that is currently …