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With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine now in its third month, the demonization of all things Russian continues in the West. Russian athletes are prohibited from participating in sporting events, Russian artists prevented from performing, and an Italian university even “postponed” a course on Dostoevsky. As Tal Fortgang observes, “cancel culture is directed not at Russia the violent invader, but at people who have been made into avatars for Russianism.”

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Famed energy historian and author Dan Yergin recently remarked that the “energy divorce” between Europe and Russia is speeding up. With each passing day of the war, Yergin observes, the pertinent question becomes less about if it happens and more about when it happens—and which side initiates it—the EU through expanded sanctions, or Vladimir Putin as a means to weaponize Russia’s energy leverage over the continent. 

Last night, the Senate advanced $40 billion in military, economic, and humanitarian aid to support Ukraine’s effort to repel Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked invasion. Much of that spending is incredibly important – not only will it provide direct security assistance to Ukraine, but it will also replenish depleted U.S. military weapons stockpiles and support American troops deployed to NATO countries earlier this year.

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The staggering pollution from Russia’s pre-war, largely unregulated oil and natural gas industry is getting much worse. To offset this and drive significant environmental improvements in oil and natural gas production elsewhere in the world, it is essential to have dynamic, technologically innovative U.S. oil and natural gas companies.