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This article was made possible in part by my ability to cite, with attribution, the ideas of others as expressed in original phrases. If I had copied these statements without crediting the authors, I would have submitted the entirety of the article as my own. That would be plagiarism. And if I had used the phrase, “I think of all the education that I've missed. But then my homework was never quite like this!” to anchor the rest of this article without citing Van Halen, that would be copyright infringement. Arguing that the lyrics for “Hot for Teacher” was necessary to my writing this piece would not have change that fact.

BUTTE COUNTY –– Three years later, with four days of trial testimony spanning a period of seven months, involving more than 5,000 pages of doc…

PIEDMONT — The upper portion of Homer Smith Road in Piedmont has been barricaded and marked with signs reading: “Private Property, No Trespassing.”

SPEARFISH — In an update during Tuesday’s city council meeting, Spearfish City Administrator, Mike Harmon said the city is seeing an impact fr…