OPINION — “What kills a skunk is the publicity it gives itself.” –– Abraham Lincoln.

Enter Marjorie Taylor Greene, Republican Representative from Georgia’s 14th Congressional District. The stench that has wafted from this Qanon-supported Georgia woman has done much to further stain the Republican Party.

People who have hit a skunk on the road, know how difficult it is to remove the stink from tires and undercarriages. In the end, it just takes time to get rid of it completely. Rep. Greene has been giving herself “publicity” for quite some time, including the short time she has been in the House (less than a month.) She went through a primary and a general election, winning both before arriving in Washington D.C. and began spraying her racist and just plain meshuga effluvium there.

When –– but only when –– it became clear to her that the United States House of Representatives was about to vote to strip her of her committee assignments (education and budget) less than a month after her taking her oath of office, did she finally begin walking back some of her most lunatic positions.

What must the voters of Georgia’s 14th Congressional District be thinking? Why did they vote for her in the first place? Did they do no research whatsoever in a primary and a general election? Did they not understand that sending this particular person to Washington would contaminate the Republican Party for the foreseeable future? Was it revenge for Lincoln and Gen. Ulysses S. Grant sending Gen. William Sherman to destroy the state during the Civil War?

Sending Marjorie Taylor Greene to Washington makes no sense, for any remotely informed citizen. Certainly every state has its pockets of goofy citizens who vote for radical candidates and absurd ideas. We can only hope that the fact there were enough wildly radical voters in a single congressional district to send this particular person to Washington, was a statistical anomaly.

On the floor of the House, prior to the vote to strip her of her committee assignments she said:

• She had “stopped believing” in QAnon’s conspiracy theory claiming former President Donald Trump was waging a secret war on Satan-worshipping child-abusers and cannibals. That she ever believed it should have concerned Georgia Republicans to vote for somebody else – anybody else.

• She had suggested that school shootings such as the ones at Sandy Hook and Parkland were staged by anti-gun proponents who sought gun control legislation. Apparently she now believes that the shootings were real, the victims died.

• She also no longer believes that the attacks on the Pentagon on Sept. 11 never happened.

“These were words of the past. These things do not represent me,” she said.

They are words of the recent past. And yes, Marjorie, they most certainly do represent you. They’re the publicity you gave yourself, and you spilled it on the Republican Party.

In the days since she was stripped on any influence she may ever have had in Congress, she was declaring the action was humorous because she now would have more time to advocate for her causes. One wonders where she’ll do that and who has any interest in her advocacy for anything now.

Greene represents the Republicans in Georgia’s 14th. She does not represent the majority of Republican voters in the nation. Unfortunately, like that road-killed skunk on the tires and the undercarriage, it’s going to take a very long time to wash Greene’s stench from the Republican Party. Lincoln is gagging in his grave.

Michael Sanborn writes from Rapid City.

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