Why not allow medical marijuana to be grown?

The South Dakota official rules for Medical Marijuana were published in late October. Meade County’s rules were made public soon after.

Curiously, though Meade County set up rules for all four licenses – Grower, laboratory, processor, and dispensary – the county commissioners only allowed one dispensary license, exactly zero grower licenses, zero lab licenses, and zero processor licenses.

The city of Sturgis will allow five dispensary licenses, “unlimited” lab and “unlimited” processor licenses. No growers.

That means that a total of six possible dispensaries in Meade County (which includes the city of Sturgis) will be selling medical marijuana, all of which will be grown in other parts of the state. By setting those numbers to zero, the commissioners ban local production, and effectively move money out of their county.

Meade county farmers and ranchers know agriculture. Raising marijuana plants is agriculture. Meade county farmers and ranchers could really use the extra income. To take that out of Meade County (where farming is tough) and put it in, for instance, Minnehaha County (where it rains a lot more, so farming is more profitable) is poor decision making.

If you think Meade County should allow growing medical cannabis, please contact the commissioners.

They seem to think nobody here (including county government) needs more income.

Rod Bradley (605) 389-3209

Doreen Creed (605) 490-1193

Talbot Wieczorek (605) 720-1625

Ted Seaman (605) 787-6921

Richard Liggett (605) 431-0177

Kent Wilsey


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