To U.S. Senators

I am a registered independent living in Spearfish, South Dakota  and am deeply concerned  about maintaining the balance of power  between Congress, the Presidency and the Supreme Court, a balance which is at the heart of our democratic freedom. At present we have a president who seems to have defied  the will of Congress for his own personal reasons. I ask you “Would you condone  such behavior if he were a member of the opposite political party? If so why?”  That president has also refused to cooperate in the oversight of his actions claiming executive privilege. Again, ”Would you accept such use of power if he were a member of the opposite political party, and if so why? Ceding such power  to any presidency seems to be a threat to the balance of power similar to that which occurred in Germany prior to World War II. My wife and I lived through the consequences of such abdication of legislative authority. Please explain to me why I should vote for a legislator who readily gives up his authority to legislate and to limit the power the power of the presidency.    

James Bower,


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