The governor needs to stop

The governor, needs to stop harassing South Dakotas Native Americans! Not everyone (including me), believe the governor’s statement, “that were different from the rest of the country”. We are not!! The people of S.D. are as susceptible as anyone, when it comes to contacting covid 19. So when Native Americans take steps to protect themselves against the virus; the governor wants to waste taxpayer money and sue the tribes?? The governor should be ashamed of herself. She must have forgotten, that all of S.D. belonged to the Native Americans, (including the ranch she owns) that is before the U.S. stole the land, broke 90 percent of the treaties with Native Americans and placed them on reservations! If the governor needs proof that S.D. is no different that the rest of the States, wait 10 days! Deadwood just re-opened its casinos; and there packed in like sardines. In closing I heard a rumor that VP Pence will be kicked off the ticket and the president will choose a woman to replace him! I wonder if the governor is auditioning for the job!!

Jesse Villafuerte


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