Take advice from your own words

In Gov. Kristi Noem’s speech to the state she referred to an article in the Federalist that said that children were being indoctrinated in schools and moving to the left. In this article by Joy Pullman she says that good civics teaches students “how to be self-governing rather than governed, and how to be free without usurping the freedom of others.” Noem might want to take a lesson from the article she is touting, and stop taking peoples freedom away. Noem wants to take a woman’s right to control her own body, and now is attempting to stop adults right to smoke pot, even though of these things are now legal. So if she believes so much in individual rights then why is she taking selective rights away? This is a fascist idea of freedom, that is, I want you to be free to have only things that I think are important.

Brent Cox,


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