Schools do teach civics

Perhaps Governor Noem needs to peruse the K-12 curriculum to realize civics is taught in:

K-1 when students learn about their home and neighborhood.

2-3 when students learn about their town and city.

4 when students learn about their state.

5 when students learn U.S. history/social studies (the grade I taught at Central elementary, SD).

Middle school curriculum broadens exposure to other countries in the world.

High school furthers this curriculum .

I have been retired since 2000 but have a great store of memories of students learning the Gettysburg address, inviting family members to school to celebrate diversity, and other engaging activities.

I remember “way back when” I studied civics in my high school years. I knew what civics was/is and its importance to my adult life.

I could go on and on and have maybe skimmed over the curriculum more advanced than fifth grade but my message is:

All educators in the Lead-Deadwood system are doing their job well. I can also safely say South Dakota students are learning from caring, well-prepared educators who value the career they’ve chosen to prepare generations to be caring adults.

I don’t think we need a “new” curriculum nor to spend money which could be used to make sure all students work with the best technology.

P.S. we had a week where local citizens could be teacher for a day. What an eye opener. Ask legislator Tim Johns to recall when he was Teacher for a Day for Mrs. Goodrich.

Joanne Goodrich,


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