Poor choice in brothel tours

Gov. Kristi Noem has been a strong advocate against human trafficking that presently exists in our country, but now Deadwood History thinks that a part of that trafficking story is worthy of a new history tour. 

Though openly stated as not meant to glamorize prostitution, the Brothel Tour will be doing exactly that. How can a tour that will be displaying a brothel’s setting with its artifacts, rooms, and other externals that were all used as part of the prostitute’s overwhelming sensual allurement not end up glamorizing prostitution?  Will the tour also take a person into the depths of the soul where the real effect of prostitution is found? 

Will equally frank discussions on what sexually transmitted diseases do to the human body be told? 

According to their website, Deadwood History is searching for any period items that could be used to tell an accurate story. Yet, I observed no related request for information about prostitution’s destruction of people’s lives. Perhaps if the whole story of prostitution were told, then the alcohol served along with the tour would be necessary to help numb its overly graphic nature rather than ignorantly being lifted in a toast to the good days of old.  I am saddened by Deadwood’s growing attempts to exploit people with no thought to the affliction of underlying harm that it does. The list is becoming longer: sports betting, 24 hour drinking, and now the testing of the waters concerning “historic” prostitution.

Pastor Gordon Phillips,

Golden Hills Baptist Church


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