Legislature needs to focus on important issues

The state legislature is a good two weeks into their approximate 10-week session. Sadly, it appears that this year will follow the usual muddle of bills as some legislators are off to a mean start with the transgender bill (at least Mr. Deutsch has moved the proposal out of the bathrooms this year) and the inane ban on a ban of plastic bags.

Come on people!! This state needs to focus on the big deal stuff: increasing Medicaid, providing assistance for the rapidly growing list of nursing home closures, increasing pay for teachers and state employees, looking at alternate ways to provide income to the state such as legalizing sports gambling and hemp production, revamping the trust laws, and yes, just maybe calling for a small personal income tax and (gasp) corporate income tax. One can hope that during the next few weeks, some of this will be accomplished. 

And we (that’s you and me, folks) can make a difference: get to the cracker barrel sessions (www.aclusd.org/en/news/2020-south-dakota-legislative-coffees-cracker-barrels), email your legislators, CALL your legislators (www.sdlegislature.gov/Legislators/). Put pressure on them to do what is important. Let them know we will no longer abide legislators who idle away our tax dollars by squandering time on these waste makers.

Mary Richards,


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