Do what you were elected to do

Senator Rounds column in the Jan. 6 Pioneer is misleading and disingenuous.

Trump’s tax cuts have done little to help South Dakota or America. They are helping the rich get richer, and not the middle class or small business. Rounds is stating untrue non-facts right out of Trump’s playbook. Thousands of companies are now paying no taxes at all as the result.

To add insult to injury, many are now also getting refunds from the IRS. Go figure! Very few of these companies are trickling down anything to their employees. Walmart took away their employee Christmas bonuses and replaced them with discount vouchers which they must spend at Walmart. 

The 20-cent increase in the minimum wage in South Dakota is a joke. Thousands of small family farms have gone out of business due to Trump’s tariff war with China. 

Rounds mentions corn farmers and ethanol as a panacea for South Dakota. It is a Band Aide. No mention of the hundreds of soybean and sunflower farmers who are hurting and going or have gone broke because of Trump’s trade wars. Very few of our citizens in the lower socio-economic groups in or country own stock in the stock market. The growth in the stock market is helping the rich get richer while the rest of us are either just hanging on or are getting poorer.  

Our great middle class, which built our country back up after the Great Depression and World War II, is disappearing. Come on Senator Rounds, you can do better than spout the paplum of Trump and the GOP. Be the leader that we elected you to be.        

William Brandt,


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