COVID-19 reaction

Did anyone besides me find it ironic and instructive that the pictures on Page 2 of the Oct. 5th Pioneer showed one of the reasons South Dakota is second in the country in new cases of COVID-19 per capita.  As near as I could tell from the pictures only one woman of the “thousands” in attendance was wearing a mask.  Social distancing was non-existent.

When are the state and local officials going to start taking the advice of the medical community and provide some positive leadership aimed at slowing the progression of the pandemic within the state?  Our governor has chosen to encourage large unmasked crowds starting with the Mount Rushmore Fourth of July display, multiple rodeos, the Motorcycle Rally, various crowd gatherings in Deadwood including the recent Oktoberfest.  Apparently South Dakota’s priority is maximizing sales tax revenue rather than the health of the citizenry.

Everett Follette,


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