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Per National Weather Service data, Spearfish received 23-25-inch, two-day snowfalls 11 times in 100 years; eight times in 50 years. Mr. Lee described the 23-inch Thanksgiving snowfall as “a 50-year storm.” It was not “a 50-year storm.” It was a six-to-nine-year storm, depending whether you look back 50 or 100 years.

Mr. Lee said, “It can be a herculean effort to come out there and (shovel your driveway) once, and then somebody comes back and plows it in again, we are very sympathetic to that, so we are looking at ways to mitigate that.” The mitigating solution exists: the center-of-the-street snowplowing method!

Public Works must make the highest-and-best use of taxpayers’ equipment. Clearly, shoving the snow into gutters and barricading driveways is not the highest-and-best use. Machinery must relieve human labors, not create them!

Do not waste money on snow gates. Citizens passed a measure to force snow gates onto snowplowing vehicles. After meeting with all parties, the city concluded that it was more cost-effective to use the center-of-the-street strategy. Voila! Money for snow gates was saved, and citizen satisfaction rose to preeminent levels.

We sincerely appreciate city personnel who worked the latest snow clearing operation, but the fiasco of barricading driveways, blocking mail delivery, and otherwise bringing the town to a halt must not happen again. If so, I urge all citizens to call, write, or email the city administrator, the city council, and the mayor. Contact information is under the Mayor & Council menu at

Steve Benoit,


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