Box Tops for Education

I’ve had the app on my phone for a long time now to scan my receipts for Box Tops for Education. I’ve had a small container on the seal of my kitchen windows for years to collect clipped Box Tops for Education. I’ve been poor about the app, but in the past month have challenged myself to be steadfast.

I noticed today that I’ve contributed $1.30 digitally on this app during 2020 to Lead-Deadwood Public Schools. (If I had been steadfast throughout the year I believe that would be 20 fold.) As of the 20th of September, according to this app, Lead-Deadwood Public Schools has received $10.40 from Box Tops for Education. Based on this I feel that many don’t know about the app, or about clipping the Box Tops, or perhaps about this program at all.

I grew up with the Campbell’s Soup labels being collected to support our grade school. Perhaps the younger generations knows nothing about it. Perhaps we all need a reminder.

Go ahead and download the Box Tops for Education app on your phone. Take a minute to scan in your receipts once a week or quickly after your shopping trip. The act is so simple and for such a good cause. It costs you nothing other than your time! We are already purchasing these items - Ziploc, Pillsbury products, Betty Crocker, Annie’s, Nature Valley, General Mills - the list goes on and on. Why not send 10 cents of each of those purchases to support your local school of choice? If you want to further dedicate yourself, watch out for the old school “clip” Box Tops and collect them to take to your school.

It would be great to see the numbers increase drastically between now and the end of the year. Why not get as much as we can from these large corporations whom we already support? I say we make others take note of the community effort in the Black Hills.

Erica Douglas,



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