Appeasement is not the answer

On Sept. 26, the paper published an op-ed by Mr. David Volk who urged Republicans not to vote for President Trump and without directly mentioning it, endorsed the Democratic challenger. I found it ironic and humorous that this came out shortly before the 82nd anniversary of the infamous Munich Agreement of appeasement and weakness. Less than a year later the world was plunged in WWII suffering a horrific loss of life.

What he fails to appreciate as he bemoans the Republican Party of

2020 and the president is that the party has changed for the better, not worse. President Trump has taught us a valuable lesson in how to fight back, exposing the radical-left Democratic agenda that would totally change our Republic into something unrecognizable. His plea to return to the days when Republicans would compromise their promises to their supporters while consoling themselves that they had retained their principles is pure defeatism and appeasement.

He couldn’t list any specifics of “all the ways Trump has failed this country over the last four years ... “ I wonder why? Maybe he considers the phony Russian collusion accusations and the failed impeachment efforts a Trump failure?

Mr. Volk also fails to acknowledge the tremendous vitality today’s GOP has as demonstrated by the strong slate of national, state (such as Governor Noem), and local elected leaders and candidates. I do agree with him that “this is clearly one of the most important elections in the history of America.”

Ronald Moeller,


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