AP story was biased

Here you go again following two and a half years of corrupt fake news on Trump/Russia … to now again conveying corrupt AP fake news on Trump/Ukraine.  SHAME on presenting fake news as local journalism.

Your AP Oct. 5 story is totally biased to D-Chairman Schiff position of impeachable political quid-pro-quo … and reduces Trump’s position as mere theory, a spin.  

The first nineteen paragraphs focus on a “political investigation” of Biden who announced his presidency in 2019 while the President and majority of diplomats name it “corruption investigation” occurring in 2016 when Ukrainian prosecutor was fired for looking into Barisma/Hunter Biden “pay to play” scheme.  Biden’s later boast confirmed event in 2018; “well, (expletive), they fired him”.  ’98 US Treaty with Ukraine requires Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters.    

The AP article cites three diplomats, two saying no quid-pro-quo while only one says political quid and that one worked for the disgraced and recalled US biased ambassador, Yovanovitch, for issuing “do not prosecute” list including Biden.

Interesting that the adjacent AP story on page headlines “Modest Jobs, Lowering Unemployment”.  Are you kidding!!!!!!  LOWEST UNEMPLOYMENT IN 50 YEARS, and your headlines doesn’t scream with joy for America.  But AP and Pioneer can’t because it is TRUMP.

America is entering its 4th year of impeachment torment.  As Dem Cong Al Green of Tx said; we have to impeach him, we can’t beat him at the polls.

How dumb do you think many of your Pioneer readers are?  We want fair and balanced local news and an apology.

Jerry Boyer,


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