Investing, done correctly, has risks but is not gambling
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OPINION — Is investing in the stock market akin to gambling? It certainly carries a reasonable amount of risk. Yet, done correctly, investing in the market is not remotely gambling.  

For comparison, consider games of chance. The best one to play is Blackjack. If you play every hand statistically correctly, the odds of winning over a long period of play are 0%, but you will lose less money than with other games. In Blackjack, for every $100 you bet, you will lose just $1 to $2—and that’s if you play each hand perfectly, which you won’t. Other games of chance have considerably worse odds than Blackjack. Keno and slot machines lead the pack, with a 100% chance of losing up to $50 for every $100 bet over time. Games of chance might qualify as “investing” only if you own a casino.


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