Thank you

There is plenty of thanks to go around during this COVID-19 national crisis.

So here are a few thank you’s we’d like to pass along.

Thank you to the grocery, pharmacy, and retail employees who are working hard to restock shelves only to have items promptly grabbed by customers. According to Neilson data from the week ending March 7 and comparing it to the week before, hand sanitizer sales were up 470%, first aid kits up 112%, toilet paper up 60%, canned meat up 58%, and so on. 

Thank you to the health care workers. They are the ones on the front line ensuring that we are all healthy as can be. While there have been 14 positive cases of COVID-19 in South Dakota, as of Thursday evening, flu cases are more than 14,100 including 21 deaths. And should the COVID cases increase, their jobs will be even more critical and stressful.

Thank you to the business owners who decided it is in the best interest of the public’s safety and their employees to close their stores. This directly impacts their personal income so they can buy their own groceries, pay their bills, and make a living. But they chose to look out for the betterment of the public and the whole.

Thank you to the business owners who have decided to keep their stores open to provide necessities to the public but are constantly cleaning to kill germs before we are sickened by them.

Thank you to the school officials and teachers who are preparing to do what they do best — teach. Their dedication remains although they will not be teaching from their classrooms. Perhaps their jobs are more important now than ever.

Thank you to our neighbors who are looking out for each other, especially the elderly - ensuring they have food and other supplies, or even just sitting with them as the older neighbors are cooped up in their homes.

Thank you to the kids, who are keeping a good attitude during this upheaval in their lives. It may seem like an extended spring break for now, but as of Monday, school is back in session - this time from their homes. And an extra tip of the hat to all of our high school seniors who are facing the possibility of not having the ceremonial milestones of their last school year we have come to cherish in this country.

This is only a short list of those deserving our thanks. Who is on your list? And make sure you tell them, Thank you.

Black Hills Pioneer,

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