‘Meth. We’re on it.’ slogan on point or missing the mark?

Pioneer cartoon by Alex Portal

“Meth. We’re on it.”

Those four words have been a flash point this week in South Dakota as the state launched its new anti-drug campaign in an attempt to bring awareness to the highly-addictive drug that has wrecked havoc on our communities both big and small.

Methamphetamine use is an epidemic in the state that is draining millions of dollars from our coffers, a bane on society, and the cause of death and devastation in families directly affected by the drug.

Truly, as the campaign video states, “Meth. It’s not someone else’s problem. It’s everyone in South Dakota’s problem.” But, is the state’s new message drawing the right kind of awareness to meth use? No doubt, nearly every person in this state is discussing the campaign and its slogan, but is that discussion the right one.

We provide two points of view on the effectiveness of the public awareness campaign. They can be found by clicking the links:

"What a Meth'd up campaign" by Alex Portal

"Anti-meth campaign is brilliant" by Brad "Murdoc" Jurgensen

To receive help: 

If you, or anyone you know is suffering from drug addiction, contact any of the following help centers located in the Northern Hills:

Behavior Management System Northern Hills

623 Dahl rd., Spearfish, 


Northern Hills Alcohol/Drug Services DBA Compass Point

710 E. Colorado Blvd., Spearfish,



1807 Williams St., Sturgis,

(605) 347-3003

VA Black Hills Healthcare System Fort Meade Campus

113 Comanche rd., Fort Meade,

(605) 720-7069

Northern Wyoming Mental Health Center Crook County Outpatient Office

420 ½ Main St., Sundance, WY

(307) 283-3636

Rapid City Regional Hospital Regional Behavioral Health Ctr for BH

915 Mountain View rd., Rapid City,

(605) 755-1000 x7300

Or contact the South Dakota Opioid Resource Hotline by calling 1-800-920-4343.

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