Brendan Lane Mitchell

Brendan Lane Mitchell was born on the 4th of November, 2014 in New York City to Wade and LaRae (Klarenbeek), brothers Gage (11) and Tatum (8) and their cat Niebuhr. Brendan loved to explore, run, jump and play ‘Kingdom’ with his brothers. He was just as likely to wrestle as to snuggle-often coming in for a quick hug before running to tackle Gage and Tatum. He enjoyed playing baseball, soccer, and riding his bike. Brendan was always squatting to see things close up, constantly picking up coins, no matter where they lay, like a treasure hunter, and inexplicably compelled to touch the eyes of the fish he caught with Papa. He loved bugs and creepy crawly things – from centipedes to salamanders. He learned the birds of prey on Gibson Island, Maryland and even many of the island’s flowers. He was kind, with an easy smile, and a good sense of humor. He was gentle. When Grandpa Jon was recovering from major back surgery in NYC, Brendan would come into his room and lay his head on grandpa’s chest.

Brendan tried to keep up with Gage and Tatum whether buzzing down the New York streets on scooters or climbing all 463 stairs of the duomo in Florence. He was a quick study. Brendan learned his first swimming strokes on August 23, 2020 and lost his first tooth on September 11th and his second on September 12th of this year. He has so many nicknames – Bobo, Bobo con leche, speedo cheetah, JJ Jackson, Drake Sanchez, Brendan Boy, Brendan Bear and Golden Hair. Brendan enjoyed school. He loved to read with daddy before bed and again as soon as he woke up in the morning. He helped dad make waffles and rubbed mom’s sore shoulders and feet after a long day. For Brendan, nothing was done quietly, everything was full force, full speed, full of life.

He loved to laugh, have dance parties in the living room, and dress up like cool guys. And while he was short on days, his life was big. Brendan will be greatly missed.

Thank you

We would like to sincerely thank everyone for their love, their prayers and support for our family during this most difficult time. We truly appreciate the kindness.

Larry and Sandy Klarenbeek

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