~ January 29, 1896 • Queen City Mail ~

A New Organization.

    The meeting held at Deadwood last Thursday by representative business men from nearly every town in the Hills bids fair to result in the accomplishment of much good for this whole Black Hills country. It was called at the instance of the mayors of Hot Springs, Deadwood and Lead, every town being requested to send representatives. Nearly all of them complied with the invitation, Spearfish, Hermosa and Hill City being the exceptions. Mayor Evans of Hot Springs, who was chairman of the meeting, stated that the object of forming an alliance of all the towns and cities of the Hills is to unite in an effort to advertise the mineral and other resources and enlist capital in their development; for the erection of reduction works, opening up of mines, for providing irrigation facilities and increasing the growth of livestock, and for any and all other purposes that go for the increase and development of the country. It will therefore be seen that on all of these propositions Spearfish is directly interested and should be an active supporter of such a scheme. We know from experience that singlehanded we have been unable to accomplish much during the past few years — especially with certain influences working dead against every move inaugurated for our benefit. It would therefore seem probable that Spearfish has every thing to gain and nothing to lose by becoming identified with this association. We do know that our efforts to bring about the completion of the unfinished chlorination plant have proved unavailing. It is not to our interest, then, to become identified with an association which may be able to give us a lift in this direction?

    The men who were in attendance at Deadwood meeting are prominent and influential in their respective localities, and it is fair to presume that unless Spearfish shows some interest in the association they will not put themselves to any inconvenience to assist us. It is an acknowledged fact that more interest is being taken in mining matters at present than at any time for years, and it is confidently asserted that the whole Hills country is entering on an era of great prosperity from a mining standpoint. Therefore the formulation of an association with mining development as its primary object is of more than passing interest.

    The officers of the Black Hills Improvement association, as this new organization is to be called, are as follows: President, F. T. Evans, Hot Springs; Vice President, John R. Brennan, Rapid City; recording secretary, J. W. Jones, Lead; corresponding secretary, William Selbie, Deadwood; treasurer, D. A. McPherson, Deadwood. Local vice presidents were appointed for every town in the Hills, John Woizmuth being designated for Spearfish. We can do no less that to at least signify our willingness to get on the bandwagon and shout, whether it does any good or not.    

~ January 29, 1896 • Queen City Mail ~

Our City Schools.

    Section two of grade eight will give rhetorical exercises on Friday of this week.

    Miss Burris, one of the brightest teachers of they county, spent two days last week inspecting the schools.

    January has brought an unusual number of visitors to school. Teachers and pupils are always glad to welcome them.

    An examination is being given this week. The work of the present month has been the best since school begun.

    Oscar Christiansen of grade eight was called home this week to assist his father in rebuilding their home which was recently destroyed by fire in Rockerville.

    Earl Cathey, Eddie Driskill, Johnnie Walton, Jean Crawford and Frank Avery are five little ones in grade one who deserve special mention for splendid progress in writing.

    Montana schools are soon to have a 850,000 apportionment divided among them. Wyoming schools will get $3 per capita. Both states have magnificent permanent school funds.

    More children are now absent from school because of sickness than at any other time during the year. The prevailing disorders seem to be sore throats and bad colds. A few cases of sore eyes are reported.

    Patriotism can not be cultivated too much in our public schools. We mean that patriotism which leads to the deliberate belief that our nation is the greatest and noblest on the earth — a belief drawn from a study of our country’s achievements, the heroes of its history and of its present commanding position.

    In one afternoon the good people of Deadwood donated sixty volumes to their city school library, which leads us to remark that if any citizen of Spearfish has a book he has read and does not care to read again, he can win the gratitude of some 300 children by placing that book where it will do the most good — in the library of the city schools. Any standard book, poetry, history, fiction, philosophical and scientific works, magazines, etc., would be gratefully received.

~ January 29, 1896 • Queen City Mail ~

Brief Local Mention

    Mrs. W. D. Driskill entertained a party of young people at her home last Saturday evening in honor of her guest, Miss LaMontague.

    Charley Zink sports a handsome meerschaum pipe, the same being a present from Jud Grant, who was in town last week on one of his periodical trips.

    Nearly everyone is complaining from attacks of lagrippe. It is one of the most tenacious and disagreeable ailments with which human beings are afflicted.

    It is understood that W. S. Cook, who went to Sturgis recently to engage in the saloon business, will remove to Lead City and go in with Gene Blackwell in the same line.

    Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Bartels returned to Deadwood last week after a year’s absence in California. They will become interested in the management of the Keystone hotel.

    The MAIL enters upon its eighth year with this issue. Seven years ago it made its appearance in Spearfish, and during its appearance in Spearfish, and during its brief existence has witnessed and recorded local history, which would fill several good-sized volumes. The town has made a great advancement during the past seven years, both in population and wealth, and with the apparent bright future for the whole Black Hills region it is fair to presume that Spearfish will receive its proportion of material wealth in the future.

    Minneapolis papers last week contain an alleged picture of Calamity Jane, who is just now entertaining the twin cities with her thrilling adventures in the Wild West. She appears in the picture as dressed in a buckskin suit, a rifle in one hand, a knife between her teeth, and altogether looking like a veritable desperado. If she doesn’t get drunk and break up the whole show it will be a surprise to those who have witnessed her orgies in Deadwood and Hot Springs during the past few months.

    Dr. G. L. Smith went over to Belle Fourche Monday on some legal business relating to the effort to release Burt Woodburn from the meshes of Arizona law. It will be remembered that Woodburn took some race horses to Arizona last summer, and was arrested on a charge of stealing one of the horses in his racing string. The animal in question was born and raised in Butte county, but it will cost no end of trouble and some time to prove that fact. There are any number of people here who can testify to the identity of the horse.


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