~ January 2, 1878 • Black Hills Daily Times ~

Interview with Buffalo Bill.

The following is from an interview between Buffalo Bill (W. F. Cody) the famous scout, and a reporter of an eastern paper:

“In the first place, the government promises too much that it don’t fulfill. Another thing is that the Indians don’t understand and can’t understand, our way of government. The administration often changes, and each administration may have views of its own on the way in which the Indians should be treated, and these be directly opposite to the ones held by its predecessor. The Indians can’t see through this, and think it is all a scheme to defraud them. For instance, among them are certain leading chiefs who have been to Washington to see the “Great Father,” as they call the President. They went to see Grant several times, and got used to his views and way of doing business. Now they go to Washington, see Hayes as “Great Father,” and don’t understand it. They say, “This is not the Great Father we want,” and go away dissatisfied. Their style of government don’t contemplate any such changes as this, and they think it a trick. Now, my idea would be this: That there ought to be some kind of a rule laid down which each President would follow. Even though it was a little strict it would suit the Indians better than these constant changes. One reason why they seem to get along better with the British is because they find that “Great Mother,” as they call Queen Victoria, never changes, but always the same person.

“Although there may be bad men among the agents, there isn’t so much that is crooked in their dealing as has been said. The agent, you must remember, does as he is ordered, and does not go according to his own views. He may have to do a great many things he really thinks are unjust, and is compelled to bear the blame, although he is not the responsible party at all. The agents at Red Cloud and Spotted Tail Agencies were not in favor, last fall, of removing the Indians to the new agencies so late in the season, but they had to do it. It is not an easy job to pick up and move several thousands of Indians in the commencement of winter and expect them to settle down and build new houses for themselves; they might just as well have waited until spring. Another thing must be borne in mind, the government breaks as many treaties as the Indians, and that don’t do any good.

“In my opinion there will be more trouble next summer than there has been for a long time. The Indians have found out, and especially those under Sitting Bull, that if they once cross the line and get into British territory they are where United States troops cannot pursue them.”

~ January 16, 1878 • Black Hills Daily Times ~

Haunted House.

Disembodied Spirits Visit the Scenes of Past Realities.

“Spirits of the good, the fair and beautiful, Guard us through the dreamy hours; Kinder ones, but, perhaps less dutiful, Keep the places that once were ours.”

For some time past vague rumors have been in circulation concerning unnatural and unaccountable noises and apparitions in the “Lone Star” building, on lower Main Street, near Chinatown. This house will be remembered by Deadwoodites as the recent scene of the murder of Kitty LeRoy, and the subsequent suicide of her murderer and husband, Sam. R. Curley. These reports having become a subject of general conversations, a TIMES reporter visited the house, of which so many stories were afloat, and gleaned the following: The Lone Star building gained its first notoriety from the suicide, by poisoning, of a woman of ill repute last spring. The house was subsequently rented by Hattie Donnelly, and for a time all went smoothly, with the exception of such little rows and disturbances as are incident to such places. About the first of December the house was rented by Kitty LeRoy, a woman said to be well connected and possessed of intelligence far beyond her class, Kitty was a woman well known to the reporter, and whatever might have been her life here, it is not necessary to display her virtues or vices, as we deal simply with information gleaned from hearsay and observation. With the above facts before the reader we simply give the following, as it appeared to us, and leave the reader to draw their own conclusions as to the phenomena witnessed by ourselves and many others. It is an oft-repeated tale, but one which in this case is lent more than ordinary interest by the tragic events surrounding the actors.

To tell our tale briefly and simply is to repeat a story old and well known—the reappearance, in spirit form, of departed humanity. In this case it is the shadow of a woman, comely, if not beautiful, and always following her footsteps, the tread and form of the man who was the cause of their double death. In the still watches of the night, the double phantoms are seen to tread the stairs where once they reclined in the flesh and linger o’er places where once they reclined in loving embrace, and finally to melt away in the shadows of the night as peacefully as their bodies’ souls seem to have done when the fatal bullets brought death and the grave to each.

Whatever may have been the vices and virtues of the ill-starred and ill-mated couple, we trust their spirits may find a happier camping ground than the hills and gulches of the Black Hills, and that tho’ infelicity reigned with them here happiness may blossom in a fairer clime.

~ January 21, 1878 • Black Hills Daily Times ~

Mob Violence.

Deadwood, Jan 16. — A dispatch from Lead City, three miles from here, says a mob of about 150 men, mostly roughs from outside camps, have taken possession of the town, and the streets have been jumped. All the roads leading to the quartz mills are in like condition. A meeting, called by the trustees of the town, was broken up. The mob elected officers and passed their own laws, one of which is to the effect that the streets should be but twenty feet wide. At the present time the mob is yelling and shouting throughout the town. The citizens are arming and organizing to protect their lives and property.

The above was cut from an Eastern paper from among the telegrams, and is going the rounds of the Eastern and Southern press. It is the production of some foolish brain, the author being either too lazy or too careless to attempt to investigate into the truth or falsity of the rumor. One of our enterprising morning contemporaries published the same as the above in substance on the morning of the 17th, for the blunder of which there is not the slightest excuse. Lead City being but three miles distant from here, they could easily have obtained the facts before publishing. Such reports as these going abroad, as did this one and others, are a very great benefit to our country. For example: A gentleman in Chicago or elsewhere, having money but no business, is looking for investment of his surplus cash, and almost persuaded that this country is the place. He is naturally a little timid, having always resided in a well regulated city, but upon looking over the morning papers he discovers what to him is an obstacle, in way of his investing, where there is a chance even of it being taken from him by violence. It may not seem to us at all reasonable for him to reason thus, but it must be remembered that the world is made up of all sorts and conditions of men, and they, owning and possessing the money themselves, have the arbitrary right to decide for themselves what they shall do with it. We would suggest to those sending reports and communications abroad, as well as those that publish them here, that they send or publish the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth; so———! In all that refers to the condition of the country and doings herein.


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