~ January 11, 1893 •Queen City Mail ~

The State School of Mines

The State School of Mines at Rapid City is now open for the fall term. Tuition is free to all residents of the state. A practical education is thus placed within easy reach. Commercial work, as heretofore, receives careful attention. For further information apply to:

W. P. Headden, Ph. D., Dean.

~ March 8, 1893 • Queen City Mail ~

Spearfish Normal School

There appears to be a diversity of statements going the rounds relative to the amount appropriated by the state for the Spearfish normal school. The Pierre papers put the amount at $28,800 for the two years 1893 and 1894. The Rapid Journal says it is $14,600, and the Deadwood papers, to avoid the possibility of making a mistake, fail to name the Spearfish normal school as having received any appropriation. Of course the omission was only an oversight, without “malice aforethought.” But Spearfish will manage to pull along in some way, if our normal school gets the appropriation.

~ June 7, 1893 • Queen City Mail ~

Another Business Block

Star & Bullock Make Arrangements for the Erection of Another Business Block.

It Will Be on Sixth Street, and Have a Frontage of One Hundred Feet.

When Seth Bullock, of the firm of Star & Bullock, was in town last week he made preliminary arrangements for building a business house adjoining their building on the corner of Sixth and I street, and running south 100 feet on Sixth and seventy-five feet east. The building will be of stone or brick, and taken in connection with the building now occupied by Valentine & Wolzmuth, hardware, and Charles Pierson, groceries, will be the largest business house in the city. Star & Bullock own a considerable quantity of real estate in Spearfish, and they are sagacious enough to know that now is the time to make improvements, which will give good returns. There never has been a time in the history of Spearfish when there was so much demand for good buildings and never a time when money could be invested to a better advantage. The B. & M. is now practically here. The chlorination mill is keeping step with the progress of the railroad, and it is but the question of a few months more when it will be turning out golden bricks to ass to the world’s wealth. These improvements are only initiatory to a system of works that will surprise our neighbors. No city with the natural advantages, which cluster around the Queen City ever, got one railroad but it was quickly followed by others. One plant for the reduction of the endless bodies of rich ore of gold, silver, tin and other less valuable metals, will surely bring more of the same sort. The unexcelled waterpower of the Spearfish River offers inducements to manufactures that are not to be found in any other place in South Dakota. With a volume of water equal to 5,000 miners inches, fed by never failing springs, and with an average fall of eighty feet to the mile for distance of more than eighteen miles, it needs but to be seen, and capital will be forth coming for its utilization for manufacturing purposes. Spearfish is located at the natural outlet for all the rich ores of Bald Mountain, Mineral hill, Carbonate and the Nigger Hill tin and gold mines. With all these facts properly presented to enterprising capitalists we will not to be compelled to wait long for further developments.

~ June 8, 1893 • The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times ~

The Transcontinental Celebration

St. Paul, June 7. — The entire northwest is taking part in the three days’ festivities which begun today in honor of the completion of the Great Northern and in honor of the president of the transcontinental route. It will surpass in interest the celebrations, which marked the completion of the Union Pacific, the Northern Pacific and the Canadian Pacific. Towns and cities all along the line, from the eastern to the western terminus are taking some part in the great demonstration. Many of the principal cities on the western division of the road sent floats for the parade of today. Outside cities in Minnesota and the two Dakotas came forward to lend a helping hand, and among the first to declare herself was Minneapolis. The five state floats, representing Minnesota, Wisconsin, the two Dakotas, Montana and Washington, showed in the parade today are artistic and beautiful designs. They were given one of the most honorable places in the line.

~ December 20, 1893 • Queen City Mail ~

Local Briefs.

Prof. F. L. Cook is in receipt of a letter from Gov. Sheldon in which the following reference is made to our state normal school: “Mr. Shannon, president of the board of regents, gave me his experience in the Hills in detail and spoke in the highest terms of your school. He says it is a model of excellence, and I do not think there is any man in this state, at least there is none within my acquaintance, better qualified that Mr. Shannon to understand thoroughly the character of any institution of learning which he may visit and inspect.”

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