Sturgis girls’ soccer team volunteers at the Sturgis animal shelter

Sturgis Brown High School girls’ soccer players McKenna Hosman and Raven Swift clean the dog kennels and drains at the Sturgis animal shelter. Pioneer photo by Tim Potts

STURGIS — The Sturgis Brown High School Scooper  girls’ soccer team chose a community service project every year, and this year they all decided to volunteer at the Sturgis animal shelter.  

The varsity and junior varsity split up into three groups and volunteered to help clean kennels, walk the dogs, clean cat cages, and anything that needed to be done. 

 “Every year we chose a community service project, and the team chose to work at the animal shelter. They will work  for three days, doing whatever the shelter staff ask us to do,” said Bryce Richter, Sturgis’ junior varsity coach.  “The team had not worked at the shelter before, so this was something new,” Richter added. 

Pam Nash, Sturgis animal control officer, talked about the need for volunteers to help at the shelter now that the summer help has went back to school.  

“Right now the shelter is in need of volunteers, as we only have four regulars. We like the volunteers to be 16 years or older,” Nash said. 

On a yearly basis, the shelter will have on the average around five dogs and 15 cats to care for.

“A normal day at the shelter would be cleaning, walking the dogs, socializing with the animals, and when we have a lot of animals, we really appreciate the help in cleaning,” Nash said. 

Most volunteers spend about two hours a couple times a week, and the time is scheduled according to when a volunteer is available or needed. 


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