Sturgis boys fall to RC Stevens in class AA playoffs

Sturgis Scooper Jared Sailer and Rapid City Stevens Raiders Levi Busching battle for the ball on Tuesday at Rapid City. Pioneer photo by Tim Potts

RAPID CITY — The Sturgis Brown boys’ soccer team fell to the Rapid City Stevens Raiders, 3-1, on Tuesday in the first round of the Class AA playoffs, at the Sioux Park Stadium, in Rapid City.

The Scoopers dominated the first half of the game, in time of possession and shots on the goal.

In the second half, the Raiders controlled the ball and scored with three minutes off the clock, then twice more within 16 minutes.

“We played a great first half, we were clearly in control the first 50 minutes of the game, and then we just had a break down. We gave up a an easy foul early in the second half and that is where it started,” said Tyler Louder, Sturgis Brown’s soccer coach. “We just did not mark inside the box, and they had open looks. We gave them opportunities, and they capitalized on our mistakes.”

Scoring for Sturgis was Brodie Eisenbraun from a corner kick from Kale Dennis with 11 minutes left in the first half.

Scoring for the the Raiders were Levi Busching, Ross Moriarty and Rex Wiebe.

Louder talked about what his team did right in the first half.

“The key to our first half success was communication, possession, chemistry, and fast pace. They were constantly substituting because we were out pacing them,” Louder said.

“If I could just duplicate the second half, and have it in the first half, I would take it. We did have some issues with intensity, and I think our guys were just trying to stay composed and I think that means just lay back a little bit,” said Jeff Fierro, RC Stevens head soccer coach.

“We made some adjustments during half time, brought some forwards back to help with defense and that helped, but the team also picked up their intensity,” Fierro said.

The Scoopers ended the game with 13 shots on the goal and RC Stevens had 12.

“It was a great season, 10-4 on the regular season, first year as fully sanctioned sport in AA, and we came out and competed the entire season. We had 20 more goals this season over last and we will build upon this and come back even stronger next year,” Louder said.


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