Spearfish, Sturgis end state AA meet Two Sturgis entries win

Sturgis’ Ethan Brenneman, center, stands atop the podium after winning the boys’ 800-meter run at the state AA track meet in Sioux Falls. Spearfish athletes Cole Herrman, Ryan Peldo, and Ryan Rafferty also finished in the top eight. Photo courtesy of SD Public Broadcasting

SIOUX FALLS — Spearfish and Sturgis track athletes ended their campaigns at the state AA meet that wrapped up Saturday in Sioux Falls.

Sturgis’ Ethan Brenneman earned the boys’ 800-meter run title in 1 minute 56.73 seconds. Trevor Christman, Casey Taul, Jared Sailer, and Brenneman teamed for the 1600 sprint medley relay crown in 3:37.29.

Those efforts helped the Scooper boys collect 46 points and place sixth in the team standings. Spearfish’s boys finished 11th at 23 points.

Spearfish scored 15 points and finished 13th in the girls’ division. Sturgis was 14th at 14 points.

“The biggest thing was our mental toughness,” Sturgis head coach Blake Proefrock said. “A lot of people stepped up and did their part.”

Proefrock praised the efforts of Alec Keffeler, Gavin West, Brenneman, Olivia Jolley, Makayla Keffeler, Loralee Stock, and Sydney Shaw. Alec Keffeler competed with a broken arm sustained in a recent baseball game and went on to place fifth in the boys’ triple jump.

“We performed well and got places where we thought we would,” Spearfish head coach Aaron Nida said. 

Mikayla Tracy earned placings in four events for the Spartan girls’ team. Nida also praised Cole Herrman, Keenan Urdiales, and Rigel Roberdeau for their efforts in the boys’ division.

Event winners and other top-eight placers from Spearfish and Sturgis follow. Only events with area placers are listed.


Team scores: 1 Sioux Falls Lincoln 169.5 points, 2 Watertown 94, 3 Aberdeen Central 73, 6 Sturgis 46, 11 Spearfish 23.

800-meter run: 1 Ethan Brenneman (Sturgis) 1 minute 56.73 seconds. Spearfish: 5 Cole Herrman 2:01.00, 6 Ryan Peldo 2:03.19, 8 Ryan Rafferty 2:03.76.

1600-meter run: 1 Andrew Lauer (SF Lincoln) 4 minutes 24.92 seconds. Spearfish: 6 Keenan Urdiales 4:38.72, 7 Rigel Roberdeau 4:39.65.

110-meter hurdles: 1 Andrew Martens (SF Lincoln) 14.80 seconds. Sturgis: 2 Gavin West 15.24.

300-meter hurdles: 1 Jesse VanHemert (Brandon Valley) 40.37 seconds. Spearfish: 5 Braeden Ferguson 41.75. Sturgis: 7 Tayler Opstedahl 42.39, 8 Gavin West 42.44.

4x400-meter relay: 1 SF Lincoln 3 minutes 29.79 seconds. Sturgis (Trevor Christman, Adrian Budino-Martinez, Traeton Monahan, Ethan Brenneman) finished sixth in 3:34.44.

4x800-meter relay: 1 SF Lincoln 8 minutes 1.67 seconds. Sturgis (Traeton Monahan, Jared Sailer, Brady Buchholz, Ethan Brenneman) finished second in 8:05.58. Spearfish (Kadin Gifford, Ryan Rafferty, Ryan Peldo, Cole Herrman) finished third in 8:06.66.

1600-meter sprint medley relay: 1 Sturgis 3 minutes 37.29 seconds. 

Triple jump: 1 Leo Kayee (SF Lincoln) 45 feet 7.25 inches. Sturgis: 5 Alec Keffeler 43-9.75.


Team scores: 1 Sioux Falls Lincoln 88 points, 2 Sioux Falls O’Gorman 86, 3 Sioux Falls Roosevelt 80, 13 Spearfish 15, 14 Sturgis 14

100-meter dash: 1 Erin Kinney (Harrisburg) 11.86 seconds. Spearfish: 8 Mikayla Tracy 12.78.

400-meter dash: 1 Krista Bickley (Brandon Valley) 56.79 seconds: Spearfish: 3 Mikayla Tracy 59.77.

300-meter hurdles: 1 Elizabeth Schaefer (RC Stevens) 44.11 seconds. Sturgis: 6 Sydney Shaw 48.12.

4x200-meter relay: 1 Brandon Valley 1 minute 44.43 seconds. Spearfish (Vaida Petterson, Alexis Louis, Cloie Tracy, Mikayla Tracy) finished seventh in 1:50.42.

4x400-meter relay: 1 SF O’Gorman 4 minutes 3.10 seconds. Spearfish (Lyndey Dean, Alexis Louis, Tessa Lucas, Mikayla Tracy) finished fourth in 4:06.22. 

High jump: 1 Alayna Falak (Watertown) 5 feet 7 inches. Sturgis: 4 Olivia Jolley 5-1.

Triple jump: 1 Myah Morrie (Watertown) 37 feet 11 inches. Sturgis: 5 Loralee Stock 35-4.50, 7 Makayla Keffeler 35-1.75.

Shot put: 1 Jasmine Greer (SF Roosevelt) 47 feet 0 inches. Spearfish: 8 Cora Tobin 37-3.

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