SPEARFISH — Spearfish’s middle school wrestling team hosted Stagebarn in a dual Tuesday afternoon at the Spearfish Middle School gymnasium.

The home standing Spartans collected victories in 22 matches compared to 13 wins for Stagebarn.

“It’s really only our third competition of the year, and we’re growing,” Spearfish coach Joel Martin said. “We see things we can improve on all the time.”

Martin said Stagebarn is a feeder program to Sturgis, which means matches against tough opponent.

Match-by-match results follow.

Jacob Ellingson (Spearfish) defeated Morgan Delapena (Stagebarn) 2-0.

Zhoel Irion (Spearfish) pinned Josh Granum (Stagebarn) in 3 minutes 39 seconds.

Kadin Gonzales (Spearfish) defeated Grayden Juve (Stagebarn) 7-2.

Cole Litzen (Stagebarn) pinned Haven Bissell (Spearfish) in 4 minutes 11  seconds.

Jackson Gaeta (Stagebarn) pinned Hugh Roles (Spearfish) in 40 seconds.

Ellie Jeffery (Spearfish) defeated Madden Perry (Stagebarn) 6-4.

William Waddell (Stagebarn) pinned Jayce Sanford (Spearfish) in 1 minute 12 seconds.

Shea Irion (Spearfish) pinned Rylan Schnizel (Stagebarn) in 1 minute 41 seconds.

Parker Graveman (Spearfish) pinned Cade Willnerd (Stagebarn) in 4 minutes 29 seconds.

Zhoel Irion (Spearfish) defeated Morgan Delapena (Stagebarn) 8-1.

Michael Zoller (Spearfish) defeated Cole Litzen (Stagebarn) 5-3.

Madelyn Schlup (Spearfish) pinned Madden Perry (Stagebarn) in 2 minutes 25 seconds.

Cade Willnerd (Stagebarn) defeated Jacob Ellingson (Spearfish) 5-0.

Sawyer Tschakert (Stagebarn) pinned Corbin Jaskella (Spearfish) in second period.

Evan Julefs (Stagebarn) defeated San Schneider (Spearfish) 4-2.

Devon McKeown (Stagebarn) pinned Ruben Lucio (Spearfish) in 56 seconds.

Aiden Kracht (Spearfish) pinned George Hamer (Stagebarn) in 1 minute 6 seconds.

Mathew Carter (Stagebarn) pinned Shaun Lauzon (Spearfish) in 34 seconds.

Cole Malo (Spearfish) pinned Memphis Morgan (Stagebarn) in 1 minute 3 seconds.

Markus Medina (Spearfish) pinned Malachi LaHoe (Stagebarn) in 57 seconds.

Mathew Medina (Spearfish) pinned Landon Urbanec (Stagebarn) in 1 minute 1 second.

Asher Piel (Spearfish) pinned Mason LaHoe (Stagebarn) in first period.

Elijah LaPlante (Stagebarn) pinned Rueben Lucio (Spearfish) in 46 seconds.

Sawyer Tschakert (Stagebarn) pinned Haven Baker (Spearfish) in 31 seconds.

Evan Wilson (Spearfish) pinned Mathew Carter (Stagebarn) in 35 seconds.

Devon McKeown (Stagebarn) pinned Sam Schneider (Spearfish) in 10 seconds.

Cole Malo (Spearfish) pinned Malachi LaHoe (Stagebarn) in 1 minute 20 seconds.

Asher Piel (Spearfish) pinned Landon Urbanec (Stagebarn) in 1 minute 6 seconds.

Mathew Medina (Spearfish) pinned Mason LaHoe (Stagebarn) in 1 minute 12 seconds.

Elijah LaPlante (Stagebarn) pinned Shaun Lauzon (Spearfish) in 21 seconds.

Luke Rath (Spearfish) pinned Sawyer Tschakert (Stagebarn) in 1 minute 4 seconds.

Evan Wilson (Spearfish) pinned Memphis Morgan (Stagebarn) in 25 seconds.

Jackson Gaeta (Stagebarn) pinned Payton Storbeck (Spearfish) in first period.

Kadin Gonzales (Spearfish) pinned Rylan Schnizel (Stagebarn) in 43 seconds.

Jayce Sanford (Spearfish) pinned Elijah Groeneweg (Stagebarn) in first period.

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