SPEARFISH — Seven members of the Spearfish Martial Arts team showcased their skills at the USA Taekwondo Nationals June 30 through July 4 in Minneapolis, Minn.

Winter McMahon and Katiyana McMahon claimed second-place honors in sparring for their respective age groups. 

Parker Reede finished third in sparring; Beth Seidel brought home third place in poomsae. 

Cameron Paisley, Nevada McMahon, and Rylund Weber also competed.

This marked Winter McMahon’s fourth year at nationals. 

“Trying to put it all out there, do my best, and hopefully placing in the top three,” she said in describing her nationals goals.

She enjoyed meeting different opponents, supporting her teammates, sparring, and winning at nationals.

McMahon said she was more prepared for this nationals tournament than for her first one. 

The 13-year-old McMahon has competed in martial arts for five years. She most enjoys sparring with her teammates.

Katiyana McMahon was at nationals for the first time. She wanted to earn a medal in sparring; she also competed in forms.

The 7-year-old said she most enjoyed sparring at nationals. This is her first year in martial arts; she enjoys kicking her teammates during practice sessions.

Seidel made her second trip to nationals. “This year, I really wanted to medal because last year, I didn’t medal in my forms,” she said.

Poomsae focuses on upper- and lower-body techniques with onself. Seidel said a lot of the judging is based on accuracy of where the techniques and stances are placed, along with how the kicks look.

“I really enjoyed the preparation,” Seidel said. “We had much more intense conditioning at that time.” She enjoyed being able to do that with her teammates.

Her biggest improvements from the last nationals tournament to now centered on confidence. She said she worked a lot on her stances and put much heart into her forms.

Seidel, 23, has competed in martial arts for three years. Spending time with her teammates is only one thing she enjoys about the sport.

“Our gym is a Christian-based academy, so I enjoy that,” she said. She added instructors support the students in good times and bad.

Nevada McMahon was at nationals for the fourth time. She wanted to earn a placing because she was unable to do so in the past.

“Just hanging out with my friends and family, and trying to do my best in sparring,” McMahon said when asked what she enjoyed most about nationals. 

She dropped her first match in 2018 but won that opening match this year before falling in the second round.

McMahon, 11, has competed in martial arts for five years. She most enjoys sparring and spending time with her teammates.

Reede was at nationals for the second time. “My goals have been to do better than I did last year, and see my improvement,” he said.

He most enjoying being with his teammates and friends. Reede said his biggest improvement from last year to now centered on his sparring.

“I felt like I knew more about it this tournament than I did last year,” he said.

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