RAPID CITY — The Spearfish Spartans’ and Sturgis Brown Scoopers’ track teams competed in the West River Class AA Preview Meet on Saturday, at Sioux Park in Rapid City.

This meet was added due to the Spearfish Queen City Track Classic being canceled Friday due to the inclimate weather.  

This meet had 381 entries with five teams competing. They were: Spearfish, Sturgis Brown, Rapid City Central, Rapid City Stevens, and Douglas.

“Lots of good things today, the weather has a lot to do with that. We are starting to get to a point in the season where you have practiced for a month, and now things are starting to show and come together,” said Blake Proefrock, Sturgis Brown’s head track and field coach.  

“We are seeing some good jumps and some really good times: Brodie Eisenbraun winning the hurdles, Novali Dinkins winning the 800 meter run, so lots of kids doing great things today,” Proefrock added.

Spearfish head coach Aaron Nida praised some of the Spartans performances at the meet.  

“(Jaden) Guthmiller ran well in the 100-meter dash, although he did not have a good start as he has. The middle part and finish was solid, and he did a nice job.  Quinten Carlson was in the long jump finals. He is a young jumper for us, and he just gets better each week and has a lot of potential.  Brayden Delahoyde is a freshman in the high jump and just has a lot of potential,” said Nida. “Alyssa Rafferty did well in shot put and she made finals in disc. This was the first meet she has thrown in, so we were happy with that.”

Guthmiller, a sophomore at Spearfish, won the boys’ 100-meter dash with a time of 11.25 seconds, and the 200-meter dash with a time of 22.61 seconds.

“It felt pretty good; a little slow out of the blocks, but overall a good race,” Guthmiller said. “I really missed last season. It was rough sitting at home and not being able to go anywhere.”  

Guthmiller said his goals for the rest of the season are to work on his form, stay loose, and finish races.

Dinkins, of Sturgis Brown, finished in first place in the 800-meter run with a time of 2 minutes 31.86 seconds.  

“It was good. I finisahed really strong and way better than my last two races, and this is the first one I have won this season,” Dinkins said.

Event winners and other top-five placers from Spearfish and Sturgis Brown follow.

Girls’ 100-meter dash

1 Isabelle Hardmeyer (Rapid City Central) 13.03 seconds. Spearfish: 2 Vaida Pettersen 13.24.

Girls’ 200-meter dash

1 Isabelle Hardmeyer (Rapid City Central) 27.09 seconds. Spearfish: 2 Vaida Pettersen 27.12. Sturgis Brown: 4 Sawyer Dennis 27.33.

Girls’ 400-meter dash

1 Carsyn Mettler (Rapid City Stevens) 1 minute 1.87 seconds.

Girls’ 800-meter run

1 Novali Dinkins (Sturgis Brown) 2 minutes 31.86 seconds. Spearfish: 4 Sierra West 2:41.30.

Girls’ 1,600-meter run

1 Hailey Uhre (Rapid City Stevens) 5 minutes 14.10 seconds. Sturgis Brown: 4 Paige Willnerd 5:36.11, 5 Iris Zylstra 5:40.64.

Girls’ 100-meter hurdles

1 Baylee Van Zee (Rapid City Stevens) 16.23 seconds. Sturgis Brown: 2 Kaylee Whatley 16.99. Spearfish: 5 Anna Hoffman 19.06.

Girls’ 300-meter hurdles

1 Anna Hoffman (Spearfish) 49.00 seconds. Sturgis Brown: 3 Kaylee Whatley 52.08.

Girls’ 4x400-meter relay

1 Rapid City Stevens B 4 minutes 13.81 seconds. Sturgis Brown A finished second in 4:17.93. Sturgis Brown B finished third in 4:24.61.

Girls’ high jump

1 Megan Baloun (Rapid City Stevens) 4 feet 10 inches. Sturgis Brown: 3 Rachel Cammack 4-8, 4 Shanyah Johnson-Landoll 4-6.

Girls’ long jump

1 Claire Fierro (Rapid City Stevens) 16 feet 11.50 inches. Sturgis Brown: 3 Cali Ewing 16-1.

Girls’ triple jump

1 Megan Baloun (Rapid City Stevens) 35 feet 2 inches. Sturgis Brown: 2 Novali Dinkins 33-1.50, 3 Sawyer Dennis 32-8.50.

Girls’ shot put

1 Lexi Long (Sturgis Brown) 33 feet 1 inch. Other Sturgis Brown: 4 Sophia Gire 29-1. Spearfish: 5 Alyssa Rafferty 28-4.

Girls’ discus

1 Ella Peterson (Rapid City Stevens) 102 feet 0 inches. Sturgis Brown: 5 Dezi Rhodes 86-6.

Boys’ 100-meter dash

1 Jaden Guthmiller (Spearfish) 11.25 seconds. Sturgis Brown: 4 Ridge Inhofer 11.58.

Boys’ 200-meter dash

1 Jaden Guthmiller (Spearfish) 22.61 seconds. Sturgis Brown: 3 Ridge Inhofer 23.17.

Boys’ 400-meter dash

1 Bridger Roberdeau (Spearfish) 51.20

seconds. Sturgis Brown: 2 Traeton Monahan 51.66, 5 Jared Sailer 54.24. Other Spearfish: 3 Peyton Millis 53.47, 4 William Williams 53.55.

Boys’ 800-meter run

1 Matthew Werner (Rapid City Stevens) 2 minutes 5.04 seconds. Sturgis Brown: 4 Brady Buchholz 2:11.09.

Boys’ 1,600-meter run

1 Peyton Cast (Douglas) 4 minutes 44.57 seconds. Sturgis Brown: 4 Beck Bruch 5:00.69.

Boys’ 3,200-meter run

1 Simeon Birnbaum (Rapid City Stevens) 9 minutes 50.48 seconds. Spearfish: 2 Keenan Urdiales 9:56.14. Sturgis Brown: 5 Deron Graf 10:40.36.

Boys’ 110-meter hurdles

1 Brodie Eisenbraun (Sturgis Brown) 16.68 seconds.

Boys’ 300-meter hurdles

1 Brodie Eisenbraun (Sturgis Brown) 41.79 seconds. Other Sturgis Brown: 2 Aidan Hedderman 45.19, 4 Dmitri O’Driscoll 46.66.

Boys’ 4x400-meter relay

1 Sturgis Brown A 3 minutes 33.28 seconds. Spearfish A finished second in 3:40.00. Sturgis Brown B finished fourth in 3:47.43. Sturgis Brown C finished fifth in 3:52.83.

Boys’ high jump

1 Alex Trohkimoinen (Rapid City Stevens) 6 feet 4 inches. Spearfish: 2 Brayden Delahoyde 6-2.

Boys’ long jump

1 Julian Swallow (Rapid City Central) 21 feet 4.50 inches.

Boys’ triple jump

1 Julian Swallow (Rapid City Central) 43 feet 9 inches. Sturgis Brown: 5 Cade Jolley 38-4.50.

Boys’ shot put

1 Liam Porter (Rapid City Central) 55 feet 7 inches. Sturgis Brown: 5 Jarod Duran 44-9.

Boys’ discus

1 Jason Maciejczak (Douglas) 149 feet 7 inches.

Spearfish and Sturgis Brown varsity track and field teams will compete at the Track-O-Rama Friday in Rapid City.

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