SGA gymnasts excel at West Chester Virtual Invitational

The Spearfish Gymnastics Level 10 team won the team title at the West Chester University Virtual Invitational, Jan. 29-31, at the Spearfish gym. Pictured from the left are: Savanna Dunwoody, Ruthie Wehrung, and Jazmyn Jimenez, the Level 10 champs. Courtesy photo

SPEARFISH — The Spearfish Gymnastics Academy continued its virtual gymnastics season Jan. 29-31, participating in the West Chester University Virtual Invitational, at the Spearfish gym.  

The virtual meet was hosted by West Chester University in West Chester Pennsylvania as a fundraiser to financially support the University’s women’s gymnastics program.  

The meet featured clubs from Pennsylvania, Virginia, Colorado, Iowa, Maryland, Wisconsin, West Virginia, and Massachusetts.  

“It was the largest virtual meet we have attended so far: It featured over 700 athletes over the three-day competition,” said Phil Summers, the SGA head coach.  

The Excel Gold team fstarted off the competition on Friday, Jan. 29, with Rian Jagow, 11, and Keelie Overvold competing in 13+ age divisions.Jagow won the gold on beam (9.4), took the bronze for third on both the vault (8.85) and floor (9.45) and placed fifth on bars (8.7).

Jagow finished second in the all around with a score of 36.40.  

Overvold won gold on the vault (9.3), and floor (9.6). She finished fourth on beam (9.075), and earned the bonze for third in the all around with a score of 36.425.

The Level 4 team consisting of Megan Markovetz, Brooklyn Grundstad, Avalon Gray and Sydney Mosset competed on Friday Evening.  

The team performed consistently throughout the meet and won the team competition with a score of 108.425.

Markovetz placed sixth on vault (8.75), and bars (9.3).  

She added two silver medals for second on beam (9.325), and floor (9.35), and finished third in the all around with a total score of 36.175.  

Mosset placed seventh on vault (8.65), and fourth on floor (9.2).  

Gray claimed the silver for second on floor (9.2), and finished fourth on bars (8.1).  

The breakout star for SGA at Level 4 was Brooklyn Grundstad.

“Grundstad really put it all together for this meet,” said Veronica Jenkins, the SGA compulsory coach. “She went 4 for 4 hitting all her routines and was rewarded with the top all around score, taking the gold with a total scoreof 37.325, a personal best for the season.”  

Grundstad won gold on vault (9.2), bars (9.325), and floor (9.5).  

She added a silver for second on the beam (9.325).

The Level 6 team was up first starting off the Saturday competition.  

They had a very productive and successful competition, winning the team title with a score of 112.525.  

Mia Bush was the top finisher for Spearfish taking the all around gold with a score of 37.65.

Bush won the vault (9.3) and beam (9.525), grabbed the silver on bars (9.45) and floor (9.375).  

Edyn Citrowske won gold on the beam (9.475) and placed second on floor (9.125). Citrowske added a fifth place in the all around with a score of 35.95.  

Avery Coyle placed second on beam (9.475), took fourth on the bars (9.225) and in the all around (36.525).  

Sophia Hatleli placed third on bars (9.325), and third on beam (9.45).  

Hatleli also won the bronze in the all around with a score of 36.875.  

Brooklyn Moser won the gold on bars (9.5), claimed silver on the vault (9.225), and finished sixth on both the beam (9.225), and floor (9.225).

She won the silver in the all around with a score 37.175.  

Liliana Swisher placed third on vault (9.175), and finished fourth on floor (9.325) and beam (9.35).  

Kyra Vandenberg won the silver on vault (9.225), and she finished fourth on bars (9.225) and floor (9.325).  

Morgan Jenkins had a good day overall and finished just out of the medals but put together a strong all around total of 35.20.  

Lexie Cathcart, head coach for the Level 6 team was very pleased with the results from this meet.  

“We are getting much more consistent as the season progresses,” said Cathcart. “The team is really pulling together to bring out the best in each other.”

The Excel Silver team finished out the Saturday competition for Spearfish.  

Taylor English, age 11,  placed fourth on vault (9.25), finished third on bars (9.325), placed sixth on beam (9.05), and won the silver on floor (9.275).

English took third in the all around with a score of 36.90.  

Alison Cooper, age 12, took fifth on beam and had an all around total of 35.35 for her efforts.  

Lauren Dalton, age 10, placed sixth on bars (9.375), and took fifth on floor (9.075). She finished the meet with an all around score of 36.35.  

Alyse Sorcic, age 9, placed fifth on beam (9.0), and finished her day with a all around score of 34.95.

The SGA Level 3 team competed on the  final day of the three-day event.  

Level 3 team members are Annika Britton, Devyn Ainsworth, Molly Albrecht, Aubrie Asarch, DeAndra Reinbold, Ruby Wolf and Samantha LaFayette.  

The Level 3 team won second in the team competition with a team score of  111.35.  

Ruby Wolf, children’s division, placed second on both the vault (9.1) and floor (9.3), she added a fourth place on beam (8.25), and finished third on bars (9.0 )and in the all around with a total score of 35.65.  

In the Jr. Division, Annika Britton placed fifth on bars (8.9), took second on both beam (9.0) and floor (9.5). Her all around total of 35.90 put her in fourth place.  

Devyn Ainsworth won gold on the bars (9.65), and placed third on beam (8.95), floor (9.25) and in the all around (36.625).

Molly Albrecht took sixthth on the Beam (8.65).

Aubrie Asarch finished her day with an all around score of 34.075.

In the Sr Division, DeAndra Reinbold took 4th on both the Vault 9.35 and Floor 9.275.

Finishing out the day for Spearfish, Sami LaFayette won the all around gold with a total score of 37.50, a personal best for her this season.  LaFayette also claimed the gold on bars (9.7) and floor (9.6), and she took second on vault (9.4), and placed fifth on beam.

The final session of the meet was for Level 9 Kathleen Cook and Level 10’s, Savanna Dunwoody, Jazmyn Jimenez, and Ruthie Wehrung.  

Cook competed in three events in this meet as she continues her efforts to upgrade her routines for this level.  

“She added her beam routine in this meet and was doing great until she took an unfortunate fall on her dismount.  This was definitely a step in the right direction<” said Summers. “She is getting back in the groove and moving in the direction she needs to go.”  

Cook placed fifth on the vault (8.9), and won the floor with an outstanding score of 9.6.

The Level 10 team for Spearfish definitely capped off the long three-day competition with some amazing performances.  

They started on the beam with Wehrung placing second with a score of 8.8, and Jimenez winning gold with a score of 9.35.  

Moving to the bars, Wehrung took third (9.5), Dunwoody placed second (9.625), and Jimenez put together a spectacular routine to win the gold with a score of 9.9.  

“Jazzy’s routine was absolutley beautiful. Other than a step on the landing of her dismount it was flawless,” said Summers. “Not only was it the top score from this meet it also has her sitting on the top of the leader board for all Level 10’s in the country so far this season.What a great accomplishment for this young gymnast.”  

Moving on to the floor, the Level 10 team continued to have a stellar meet.  Dunwoody took the bronze medal for third with a score of  9.55. Jimenez placed second, taking the silver medal with a score of 9.65, and Ruthie Wehrung brought down the house with an incredible routine, showcasing her personality in the dance and her strength in tumbling, winning the gold with a score of 9.85.

This score also has Wehrung listed as one of the top Level 10 gymnasts in the country.  

She is currently ranked fifth in the nation on Floor.  

Moving on to the vault, Jimenez placed fourth with a score of 9.45.

Wehrung placed third with a score of 9.475, and Dunwoody took the silver for second with a score of 9.575.  

In the all around, Dunwoody finished third with a score of 37.20, Wehrung took second with a score of 37.625, and Jimenez won the gold with her total score of 38.35.

The Level 10 team also captured the team title with their highest team score of the season 113.225.

“This was just such a spectacular weekend for all of our gymnasts,” noted said Summers. “It was a long weekend for the coaching staff but was certainly well worth it to see so many smiles, so many accomplishments and goals reached by this incredible group of athletes at every level.”  

Summers said cometoing vitually has been a challenge.

“It has definitely been an interesting year, adjusting to the virtual competitions, but our athletes have learned to adjust to this new environment and we are so happy to be able to be open for business and give these kids the opportunity to continue to pursue their dreams in these trying times<” Summers said.  

If you would like to view videos from this meet you can they are posted on the Spearfish Instagram,  spearfish_gymnastics_academy or the gyms Facebook page: Spearfish Sports Academy or Spearfish Gymnastics Academy.  

The Spearfish Gymnastics Academy teams will be taking a few weeks off in the month of February  to rest and recuperate, and will be back in action the first weekend in March.

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