BELLE FOURCHE —  The South Dakota High School Rodeo Finals ended Saturday with three area athletes capturing state titles.

Shyanne Howell of Belle Fourche (pole bending), Piedmont’s Wacey Brown (barrel racing), and Sturgis’ Bodie Mattson (team roping with Rapid City’s Rio Nutter) took their placings on championship row. They joined Belle Fourche’s Cain Birkeland, who won the boys’ cutting title earlier in the week.

Howell collected 79 standings points on the season for her win. That included 20 points for having the best finals average: 61.509 total seconds on three go-rounds.

“I was happy I could be as consistent with the poles, and just keep them all up this weekend,” said Howell, who added she feels very accomplished because she also reached nationals for the first time.

A rider receives a five-second penalty for each pole that is knocked over during a run.

Nationals spots go to the top four finishers in each event, over the season.

A 20.466-second time in the short go-round was good for second place and 14 standings points. Howell said she did not have to do anything differently; the aim was to keep all of the poles standing.

Howell agreed she accomplished most of her state goals.

Brown’s efforts for the season included 79 standings points for her title. She tied for first place in this event a season ago but topped the field by 22 points this time.

She completed three go-rounds in a total time of 52.913 seconds. That was good for first place and 20 standings points on the average.

“I’d say it’s been probably one of the best I’ve had in a while,” Brown said of this year’s state finals. She is a member of the Sturgis Brown High School Rodeo Club.

Brown said she had to stay consistent on the barrels. “We (she and her horse) definitely did that this weekend,” she added.

She finished sixth in the short go-round (17.764 seconds) for five standings points. “I always try to keep it simple,” she said in describing that run.

“I just have to push him up into my pocket and then really sit down around the barrel and let him take care of the rest,” she added.

Brown said tying for the top spot in 2018 put a lot of pressure on her for this season. She added she considers that as good pressure.

“There are a lot of people supporting me, and having these people put their faith into me,” Brown said. “That just pushed me to do my best.”

Mattson and Nutter each finished the season at 76 standings points. That included 20 points apiece for having the best total time for three go-rounds: 38.25 seconds.

Things did not go well in the short go-round, Mattson said. A time of 14.84 seconds was good for fifth place and six standings points for both.

“Our whole goal was to win state this year in the team roping for each other,” Mattson said. He added the pair’s aim is to record a time on every go-round.

Mattson and Nutter finished fifth last season. “This year, we knew that we weren’t going to let it happen again,” Mattson said.

What were some of the biggest improvements over the past year?

“Last year, we were thinking about the end result before we went out there,” Mattson said. “This week, we didn’t look at the standings or results.”

Mattson said the pair was eighth after the first go-round but knew it was in fine shape. He added they were in a similar spot last year and thought they needed to make up time.

“We just need to go out there and catch,” Mattson said.

Nutter said the pair knew it needed to rope each steer that was drawn, and whatever happened, would happen.

“We knew that for each one, we couldn’t do more than what we drew,” Nutter said. “We just had to go out, do what we knew how to do, and do the best that we could.”

Nutter and Mattson began team roping together as fourth-graders and are the best of friends. “Every year that we have success, it just makes it that much better,” Nutter said.

As for improvements from last year to now, Nutter credited a year of growth. He said more exposure and everything added up.

What about nationals, set for July 14-20 in Rock Springs, Wyo.?

“We’re going to have the same goal going into there as we did here, and that’s to come out on top,” Nutter said. “Hopefully if we can do what we can, and leave the rest to God, that’s all we can ask for.”

Final results from the weekend follow.


Second go-round

1 Lante Swallow (Batesland) 53 points, 15 standings points. 

4 Colton Shelley (Nisland) 43 points, 12 standings points.

Short go-round

1 Cooper Filipek (Rapid City) 60 points, 10 standings points.

2 Cayden Wolfe (Belle Fourche) 53 points, nine standings points.


1 Cayden Wolfe (Belle Fourche) 120 points on three go-rounds, 20 standings points.


Second go-round

1 Nelson Shaw (Hartford) 17.562 seconds, 15 points.

2 Chantel Kolb (Belle Fourche) 17.610, 14 points.

3 Wacey Brown (Piedmont) 17.633, 13 points.

Short go-round

1 Chantel Kolb (Belle Fourche) 17.463 seconds, 10 points.

6 Wacey Brown (Piedmont) 17.764, five points.


1 Wacey Brown (Piedmont) 52.913 seconds on three go-rounds, 20 points.


Second go-round

1 Mikenzy Miller (Faith) 2.11 seconds, 15 points.

4 Chantel Kolb (Belle Fourche) 2.67, 12 points.

13 Whitley Reder (Fruitdale) 3.88, three points.

Short go-round

1 Tayla Thorstenson (Eagle Butte) 3.07 seconds, 10 points.

6 Chantel Kolb (Belle Fourche) 18.37, five points.


1 Tayla Thorstenson (Eagle Butte) 9.53 seconds on three go-rounds, 20 points.

2 Chantel Kolb (Belle Fourche) 24.44, 18 points.


Second go-round

1 Jack Rodenbaugh (Box Elder) 79 points, 15 standings points.

Short go-round

1 Riley Shippy (Colome) 69 points, 10 standings points.


1 Jack Rodenbaugh (Box Elder) 201 points on three go-rounds, 20 points.

8 Kane Grant (Whitewood) 60 on one, four points.


Second go-round

1 Mikenzy Miller (Faith) 7.19 seconds, 15 points.

Short go-round

1 Sidni Ferguson (Dupree) 7.59 seconds, 10 points.


1 Mikenzy Miller (Faith) 22.44 seconds on three go-rounds, 20 points.


Second go-round

1 Kellyn Shearer (Wall) 20.455 seconds, 15 points.

2 Shyanne Howell (Belle Fourche) 20.466, 14 points.

6 Wacey Brown (Piedmont) 21.123, 10 points.

7 Chantel Kolb (Belle Fourche) 21.130, nine points.


1 Shyanne Howell (Belle Fourche) 61.509 seconds on three go-rounds, 20 points.

2 Molly Ryan (Belle Fourche) 62.983 on three, 18 points.


Second go-round

1 Cash Wilson (Wall) 64 points, 15 standings points.

Short go-round

1 Clint Donaldson (Sturgis) 70 points, 10 standings points.


1 Cash Wilson (Wall) 196 points on three go-rounds, 20 standings points.

2 Clint Donaldson (Sturgis) 131 on three, 18 standings points.


Second go-round

1 Wynn Schaack (Wall) 5.57 seconds, 15 points.

12 Logan Lemmel (Whitewood) 15.00, four points.

Short go-round

1 Wyatt Tibbitts (Hot Springs) 6.50 seconds, 10 points.

7 Logan Lemmel (Whitewood) 10.74, four points.


1 Wyatt Tibbitts (Hot Springs) 20.89 seconds on three go-rounds, 20 points.


Second go-round

1 Blasius Steffen (Gregory) and Beau Dean (Platte) 7.82 seconds, 15 standings points each.

2 Rio Nutter (Rapid City) and Bodie Mattson (Sturgis) 7.89, 14 points              each.

3 Chantel Kolb (Belle Fourche) and Sadie Podzimek (Ludlow) 9.64, 13 points each.

14 Shyanne Howell (Belle Fourche) and Tee McAmis (Belle Fourche) 21.38, two points each.

Short go-round

1 Wynn Schaack (Wall) and Tanner Fite (Hermosa) 12.35 seconds, 10 points each.

3 Lan Fuhrer (Belle Fourche) and Payton Pirrung (Hartford) 13.93, eight points each.

6 Chantel Kolb (Belle Fourche) and Sadie Podzimek (Ludlow) 25.51, five points each.


1 Rio Nutter (Rapid City) and Bodie Mattson (Sturgis) 38.25 seconds on three go-rounds, 20 points each.

2 Payton Pirrung (Hartford) and Lan Fuhrer (Belle Fourche) 48.35 on three, 18 points each.

9 Chantel Kolb (Belle Fourche) and Sadie Podzimek (Ludlow) 135.15 on three, four points each.


Second go-round

1 Wynn Schaack (Wall) 9.74 seconds, 15 points.

3 Bodie Mattson (Sturgis) 11.57, 13 points.

Short go-round

1 Wyatt Tibbitts (Hot Springs) 11.27 seconds, 10 points.

7 Bodie Mattson (Sturgis) 14.06, four points.


1 Tanner Fite (Hermosa) 32.60 seconds on three go-rounds, 20 points.

7 Bodie Mattson (Sturgis) 50.31 on three, eight points.

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