BELLE FOURCHE — The 101st annual Black Hills Roundup rodeo in Belle Fourche ended Saturday afternoon after a record 1,275 contestants entered the arena over the event’s five days.

Saturday’s festivities got underway when Dana Bowman parachuted into the arena while bearing an American flag. The double amputee is a member of the Golden Knights, which is the U.S. Army’s elite parachute team.

Three of the event champions competed in the fourth and final PRCA rodeo performance held Saturday.

Oelrichs’ Lisa Lockhart represented South Dakota in the winner’s circle. A 16.94-second time to begin the barrel racing go-round enabled her to capture top honors.

Kaycee Feild of Genola, Utah, collected 90.5 points on the bareback bronc named Two Buck Chuck and finished first in that event.

Rexburg, Idaho, bull rider Garrett Smith turned in an 89.5-point ride on Bear Claw to win that event.

Other event winners turned in their top efforts earlier in the week.

Breakaway roping made its Roundup debut this year. Kayelen Helton (Stephenville, Texas) and Katie Mundorf (Mullen, Neb.) tied for top honors at 2.0 seconds.

Cooper Martin represented Alma, Kan., in tie down roping. A clocking of 7.7 seconds was good for the top spot.

Top honors in team roping went to Levi Simpson (Ponoka, Alberta) and Shay Dixon Carroll (La Junta, Colo.). Their time was 4.5 seconds.

Tyler Waguespack of Gonzales, La., emerged victorious in steer wrestling at 3.4 seconds.

Riggin Smith of Winterset, Iowa, claimed the saddle bronc riding crown. He collected 88.5 points on the bronc named Miss Valley.

Top-six finishers in each event follow.

Bareback riding

1 Kaycee Feild (Genola, Utah) 90.5 points on Two Buck Chuck, $3,446.04

2 (tie) Tim O’Connell (Zwingle, Iowa) 88 on Bob Cat, $2,297.35

2 (tie) Orin Larsen (Inglis, Manitoba) 88 on Cactus Juice, $2,297.35

4 Clayton Bigelow (Clements, Calif.) 87.5 on Friendly Skies, $1,263.54

5 (tie) Nate McFadden (Elsmere, Neb.) 85 on Rich n Fancy, $689.20

5 (tie) Cauy Pool (Redmond, Ore.) 85 on Two Buck Chuck, $689.20

Steer wrestling

1 Tyler Waguespack (Gonzales, La.) 3.4 seconds, $3,964.92

2 Joe Nelson (Watford City, N.D.) 3.6, $3,547.56

3 Riley Reiss (Manning, N.D.) 3.8, $3,130.20

4 Blake Knowles (Heppner, Ore.) 3.9, $2,712.84

5 (tie) Jacob Edler (State Center, Iowa), 4.0, $1,878.12

5 (tie) Jesse Brown (Baker City, Ore.) 4.0, $1,878.12

5 (tie) Wyatt Jurney (Las Cruces, N.M.) 4.0, $1,878.12

Team roping

1 Levi Simpson (Ponoka, Alberta) and Shay Dixon Carroll (La Junta, Colo.) 4.5 seconds, $6,353.70 each

2 (tie) Lane Ivy (Dublin, Texas) and Dillon Wingereid (Stephenville, Texas) 4.9, $5,350.48 each

2 (tie) Kolton Schmidt (Barrhead, Alberta) and Hunter Koch (Vernon, Texas) 4.9, $5,350.48 each

4 Garrett Rogers (Baker City, Ore.) and Jake Minor (Ellensburg, Wash) 5.0, $4,347.27 each

5 (tie) Nelson Wyatt (Clanton, Ala.) and Levi Lord (Sturgis, S.D.) 5.1, $3,344.05 each

5 (tie) Clay Tryan (Billings, Mont.) and Jake Long (Coffeyville, Kan.) 5.1, $3,344.05 each

Saddle bronc riding

1 Riggin Smith (Winterset, Iowa) 88.5 points on Miss Valley, $5,724.60

2 Dusty Hausauer (Dickinson, N.D.) 87.5 on Lunatic From Hell, $4,388.86

3 Tyler Corrington (Laramie, Wyo.) 87 on Loose Cinches, $3,243.94

4 Ryder Wright (Milford, Utah) 86.5 on Loaded Deck, $2,099.02

5 Cort Scheer (Homedale, Idaho) 86 on Misdemeanor, $1,335.74

6 (tie) Kolby Wanchuk (Sherwood Park, Alberta) 85.5 on Frontier Justice, $858.69

6 (tie) Jacobs Crawley (Stephenville, Texas) 85.5 on After Party, $858.69

Tie down roping

1 Cooper Martin (Alma, Kan.) 7.7 seconds, $3,857.76

2 Clint Robinson (Spanish Fork, Utah) 7.9, $3,451.68

3 Tuf Cooper (Decatur, Texas) 8.0, $3,045.80

4 Zack Jongbloed (Iowa, La.) 8.2, $2,639.52

5 (tie) Westyn Hughes (Caldwell, Texas) 8.5, $2,030.40

5 (tie) Chase Lako (Arthur, N.D.) 8.5, $2,030.40

Barrel racing

1 Lisa Lockhart (Oelrichs, S.D.) 16.94 seconds, $6,506.68

2 Dona Kay Rule (Minco, Okla.) 17.02, $5,205.34

3 Ari-Anna Flynn (Charleston, Ark.) 17.15, $4,229.34

4 Michelle Darling (Medford, Okla.) 17.24, $3,253.34

5 Stevi Hillman (Weatherford, Texas) 17.25, $2,602.67

6 Ashley Day (Volborg, Mont.) 17.28, $1,952.00

Breakaway roping

1 (tie) Kayelen Helton (Stephenville, Texas) 2.0 seconds, $4,636.17

1 (tie) Katie Mundorf (Mullen, Neb.) 2.0, $4,636.17

3 (tie) Amanda Coleman (Stephenville, Texas) 2.1, $2,695.44

3 (tie) JJ Hampton (Stephenville, Texas) 2.1, $2,695.44

3 (tie) Cassie Bahe (Grantsville, Utah) 2.1, $2,695.44

3 (tie) Cora Borman (Backus, Minn.) 2.1, $2,695.44

Bull riding

1 Garrett Smith (Rexburg, Idaho) 89.5 points on Bear Claw, $3,666.00

2 Coy Pollimer (Fort Scott, Kan.) 87 on 706 PR, $2,810.60

3 (tie) Trey Kimzey (Strong City, Okla.) 85 on 759E PR, $1,710.80

3 (tie) Denton Fugate (Niangua, Mo.) 85 on G Easy, $1,710.80

5 Foster McCraw (Navasota, Texas) 84.5 on Whisker Biscuit, $855.40

6 Matt Palmer (Poplar Grove, Ill.) 83 on Zombie Time, $611.00

Steer roping (held Thursday)

1 J. Tom Fisher (Andrews, Texas) 32.3 seconds on three go-rounds, $2,998.60

2 Cody Lee (Gatesville, Texas) 33.7 on three, $2,481.60

3 Scott Snedecor (Fredericksburg, Texas) 34.5 on three, $1,964.60

4 Billy Good (Wynnewood, Okla.) 35.2 on three, $1,447.60

5 Will Gasperson (Decatur, Texas) 37.2 on three, $930.60

6 Darin Suit (Ames, Okla.) 38.7 on three, $517.00

Steer roping legacy (held Thursday)

1 Will Gasperson (Decatur, Texas) 37.2 seconds on three go-rounds, $789.60

2 Shay Good (Abilene, Texas) 40.3 on three, $592.20

3 Chris Glover (Keenesburg, Colo.) 44.7 on three, $394.80

4 (tie) Dave Sedar (Evansville, Wyo.) 45.8 on three, $98.70

4 (tie) Martin Poindexter (Comanche, Texas) 45.8 on three, $98.70

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