STURGIS — A Ninja Warrior competition at Northern Hills Ninja (located in Northern Hills Gymnastics Academy) was held on Sunday, March 15, with 60 athletes competing for top honors in each of the five age categories.  

“This is the first competition we have opened up to outside gyms and it went really well,” said Mieke Bruch, Northern Hills Gymnastics Academy owner. “With nearly 60 athletes registered for the competition coming from Just Jymnastics, Spearfish Gymnastics Academy Ninjas and Northern Hills Ninja, it is exciting to see the sport growing throughout the Northern Hills” 

The competition began with the 5 and 6 year-old athletes competing in wave one.  Wave two include the 7-year-old’s, wave three was for eight- and nine-years-old, and wave four was from 10-11-year-old’s, and the final wave was for ages 12 and up. 

Winners in each age division, wave one, Liam Musumeci, wave two, Levi Bestgen, wave three, Colton Storm, wave four, Quinn Bruch, and wave five, Tucker Benson.

Colt Scott, the Northern Hills Ninja coach, competed on the American Ninja Warrior Show last season and this was a small version of that for the kids. 

Courses and obstacles were adjusted for the various age groups. 

 “Coach Scott moved to Sturgis almost a year ago from Virginia and has been a wonderful role model for all of the kids,” Bruch said. 

Ninja leagues are growing in many states and with the interest and growth in our area, there likely will be more events that the Ninja’s can compete in the future.

As seen on television, American Ninja Warriors junior, would be the goal of many competitors. 

To join the Ninja program at Northern Hills, the athlete has to be 5-years-old. 

There are also a few adults that come train with Coach Scott.  

Classes are every night of the week, Monday thru Friday, from 4-7 p.m.

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