Digger, Scooper track teams visit Kadoka

KADOKA — Track athletes from Lead-Deadwood and Sturgis Brown competed at Saturday’s Kadoka Invitational.

James Pierce won two events for the Lead-Deadwood boys’ team. He finished first in the 400-meter dash (54.16 seconds), and 800 run (2 minutes 9.80 seconds).

Four other Golddiggers earned top honors in their respective events. They were David Morris (20 feet 1.50 inches in boys’ long jump), Jayna Prince (8-0 in girls’ pole vault), Allison Mollman (15-6 in girls’ long jump), and Jocelyn Dirksen (31-8 in girls’ triple jump).

Sturgis Brown’s Konner Berndt won the boys’ discus throw at 134 feet 6 inches. The Scooper girls’ 4x100-meter relay (Zoey Goebel, Madison Schaefer, Rachael Banks, Kenna Goebel) finished first in 55.52 seconds.

Event winners and other top-eight placers from Lead-Deadwood and Sturgis Brown follow. Only those events with area representation are listed.

Boys’ 100-meter dash

1 Logan Sammons (Philip) 11.73 seconds. Sturgis Brown: 4 (tie) Byron Holt 12.26.

Boys’ 200-meter dash

1 Gaven Sudbeck (Kadoka Area) 24.50 seconds. Sturgis Brown: 5 Nathanael Jones 25.72.

Boys’ 400-meter dash

1 James Pierce (Lead-Deadwood) 54.16 seconds.

Boys’ 800-meter run

1 James Pierce (Lead-Deadwood) 2 minutes 9.80 seconds. Sturgis Brown: 6 Hunter Barnhart 2:23.73.

Boys’ 1,600-meter run

1 Mason Heath (Bennett County) 5 minutes 1.20 seconds. Sturgis Brown: 6 Hunter Barnhart 5:29.33.

Boys’ 110-meter hurdles

1 Isaac Thomas (Lyman) 17.01 seconds. Sturgis Brown: 4 Dmitri O’Driscoll 19.17, 6 Chayton Peterson 21.29.

Boys’ 300-meter hurdles

1 Isaac Thomas (Lyman) 45.80 seconds. Sturgis Brown: 4 Dmitri O’Driscoll 48.14, 5 Chayton Peterson 50.62.

Boys’ 4x100-meter relay

1 Lyman 48.23 seconds. Sturgis Brown (Byron Holt, Konner Berndt, Brady Zastoupil, Gunner Rohloff) finished second in 48.74. Lead-Deadwood (Cooper Quenzer, Isaac Foster, Jagger Smith, David Morris) finished fourth in 50.67.

Boys’ 4x200-meter relay

1 Kadoka Area 1 minute 40.65 seconds. Sturgis Brown (Brady Zastoupil, Brooks Brandner, Gavin Dunn, Jayden Spratt) finished seventh in 1:50.85.

Boys’ 4x400-meter relay

1 Philip 3 minutes 53.53 seconds. Sturgis Brown (Byron Holt, Nathanael Jones, Chayton Peterson, Dmitri O’Driscoll) finished third in 3:55.85.

Boys’ 1,600-meter sprint medley relay

1 Bennett County 4 minutes 11.22 seconds. Lead-Deadwood (Isaac Foster, Cooper Quenzer, Phillip Sneesby, Ethan Hess) finished fifth in 4:28.02.

Sturgis Brown (Jayden Spratt, Brady Zastoupil, Tyrel Droppers, Brooks Brandner) finished sixth in 4:31.68.

Boys’ shot put

1 Reed Ohrtman (Kadoka Area) 43 feet 8.50 inches. Sturgis Brown: 2 Konner Berndt 42-9.75.

Boys’ discus

1 Konner Berndt (Sturgis Brown) 134 feet 6 inches.

Boys’ high jump

1 Layton Terkildsen (Philip) 5 feet 9 inches. Lead-Deadwood: 5 David Morris 5-2.

Boys’ pole vault

1 Stockton McClanahan (Lyman) 9 feet 0 inches. Lead-Deadwood: 2 Isaac Foster 8-6, 4 Ethan Hess 7-6.

Boys’ long jump

1 David Morris (Lead-Deadwood) 20 feet 1.50 inches.

Girls’ 100-meter dash

1 Eden Fanning (Bennett County) 13.41 seconds. Lead-Deadwood: 3 Allison Mollman 13.54, 4 Jocelyn Dirksen 13.60

Girls’ 200-meter dash

1 Bella Williams (Kadoka Area) 27.71 seconds. Sturgis Brown: 5 Zoey Goebel 29.13, 6 Kenna Goebel 29.24.

Girls’ 100-meter hurdles

1 Emma Hunt (Jones County) 18.04 seconds. Sturgis Brown: 2 Torre Buus 18.52, 4 Hannah Aston 19.54. Lead-Deadwood: 3 Allison Keehn 19.09.

Girls’ 300-meter hurdles

1 Emma Hunt (Jones County) 51.75 seconds. Sturgis Brown: 5 Hannah Aston 56.05. Lead-Deadwood: 8 Allison Keehn 57.93.

Girls’ 4x100-meter relay

1 Sturgis Brown (Zoey Goebel, Madison Schaefer, Rachael Banks, Kenna Goebel) 55.52 seconds. Lead-Deadwood (Delanie Berglund, Nevaeh Foster, Kaitlyn Martin, Jayda Hunter) finished seventh in 1 minute 2.45 seconds.

Girls’ 4x200-meter relay

1 Jones County 1 minute 55.09 seconds. Sturgis Brown (Kenna Goebel, Madison Schaefer, Rachael Banks, Zoey Goebel) finished second in 1:57.29.

Girls’ 4x400-meter relay

1 Philip 4 minutes 29.50 seconds. Sturgis Brown (Torre Buus, Emma Weinberger, Hannah Aston, Madison Schaefer) finished fourth in 4:54.30. Lead-Deadwood (Katie Jones, Winter McMahon, Zariah Jones, Clarissa Heisinger) finished sixth in 5:10.02.

Girls’ 4x800-meter relay

1 Hill City 11 minutes 22.84 seconds. Lead-Deadwood (Winter McMahon, Zariah Jones, Katie Jones, Clarissa Heisinger) finished third in 12:45.70.

Girls’ 1,600-meter sprint medley relay

1 Jones County 4 minutes 47.17 seconds. Sturgis Brown (Madison Schaefer, Rowan Swift, Desirae Ownbey, Emma Weinberger) finished third in 5:04.52.

Girls’ shot put

1 Lilly Wagner (Wall) 33 feet 5.25 inches. Lead-Deadwood: 5 Rachel Janssen 30-7.25.

Girls’ high jump

1 Rebecca Shuck (Kadoka Area) 5 feet 0 inches. Lead-Deadwood: 4 Kaitlyn Martin 4-6, Zariah Jones 4-0.

Girls’ pole vault

1 Jayna Prince (Lead-Deadwood) 8 feet 0 inches. Other Lead-Deadwood: 2 Clarissa Heisinger 7-6, 6 Nevaeh Foster 5-6.

Girls’ long jump

1 Allison Mollman (Lead-Deadwood) 15 feet 6 inches. Sturgis Brown: 2 Desirae Ownbey 14-7.25, 3 Keira Muchow 14-4.50, 7 Rachael Banks 13-5. Other Lead-Deadwood: 8 Chloe Wisser 13-2.50.

Girls’ triple jump

1 Jocelyn Dirksen (Lead-Deadwood) 31 feet 8 inches.


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