DEADWOOD —  Thursday’s festivities of the Days of ‘76 Rodeo featured timed event slack and the second PRCA performance at the Days of ‘76 grounds, in Deadwood.

Trenton Montero leads the bareback riding standings, as he collected 87 points.

Sam Houston Powers boasts the second go-round’s fast time in steer wrestling: 3.5 seconds. Gary Gilbert is setting the pace in the average, completing two go-rounds in a total time of 8.9 seconds.

The saddle bronc riding leader is Stetson Wright, who scored 86.5 points on his effort.

Haven Meged has the second go-round’s fastest time in tie down roping: 7.9 seconds. The pacesetter in the average is Caleb Smidt, who finished two go-rounds in a total time of 16.4 seconds.

The second go-round of team roping features  a first-place tie between the pair of Erich Rogers and Paden Bray, along with the duo of Reno Cash Stoebner and Colton Brittain. Each pair boasted a 4.1-second clocking.

Team roping average sees Jake Orman and Brye Crites leading the way. They completed two go-rounds in a total time of 10.6 seconds.

Emily Miller’s time of 17.61 seconds leads the way in barrel racing. Braden Richardson is the bull riding leader, at 87.5 points.

The top four leaders in each event, following Thursday night’s second performance, follow.

Bareback riding

1 Trenton Montero 87 points

2 Tilden Hooper 84

3 Cole Reiner 83.5

4 (tie) Mark Kreder 83

4 (tie) Mason Clements 83

Steer wrestling, 2nd go

1 Sam Houston Powers 3.5 seconds

2 Gary Gilbert 3.7

3 Jule Hazen 3.8

4 Sam Goings 4.0

Steer wrestling, average

1 Gary Gilbert 8.9 seconds on two go-rounds

2 Rowdy Parrott 9.2 on two

3 (tie) Sam Goings 9.3 on two

3 (tie) Tyler Waguespack 9.3 on two

Saddle bronc riding

1 Stetson Wright 86.5 points

2 (tie) Sterling Crawley 86

2 (tie) Shorty Garrett 86

4 Cody DeMoss 85

Tie down roping, 2nd go

1 Haven Meged 7.9 seconds

2 Quay Howard 8.2

3 Caleb Smidt 8.3

4 Adam Gray 8.4

Tie down roping, average

1 Caleb Smidt 16.4 seconds on two go-rounds

2 Jake Pratt 17.0 on two

3 Cody Huber 17.3 on two

4 (tie) Catfish Brown 17.4 on two

4 (tie) Adam Gray 17.4 on two

Team roping, 2nd go

1 (tie) Erich Rogers and Paden Bray 4.1 seconds

1 (tie) Reno Cash Stoebner and Colton Brittain 4.1

3 (tie) Layne Carson and Jeff Nelson 4.9

3 (tie) Andrew Ward and Buddy Hawkins II, 4.9

3 (tie) Brit Ellerman and Trey Johnson 4.9

Team roping, average

1 Jake Orman and Brye Crites 10.6 seconds on two go-rounds

2 Brenten Hall and Chase Tryan 10.8 on two

3 Turner Harris and Jade Nelson 10.9 on two

4 Chad Masters and Wesley Thorp 12.8 on two

Barrel racing

1 Emily Miller 17.61 seconds

2 Brittney Barnett 17.79

3 Stevi Hillman 17.84

4 (tie) Leia Pluemer 17.85

4 (tie) Cambra Smith 17.85

Bull riding

1 Braden Richardson 87.5 points

2 Matt Palmer 87

3 Lon Danley 82.5

4 Jess Askey 82

The third PRCA rodeo performance is scheduled for 7 p.m. today, Friday. Saturday will host the final two such performances at 1:30 p.m. and 7 p.m., respectively.

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