CNFR wraps up third day of competition

CASPER, Wyo. — The College National Finals of Rodeo completed its third day if competition Tuesday. in Casper, Wyo.

“We had a pretty good day today. It kept us in where we wanted to be,” said Glenn Lammers, the Black Hills State University rodeo coach.

On the Yellow Jackets men’s side, Austin Madison competed in the steer wrestling event.

“He was at seventh after two go-rounds in steer wrestling and was in a pretty good position and he went tonight and his steer got away from him. So, he had tough luck there,” said Lammers. ”With two good rounds he probably has an outside chance of making the finals.”

On the women’s side, BHSU has two cowgirls with a chance of making the finals.

“Emilee Paulee is in up there in goat tying, and she has been really consistent in her first two-rounds. She’s had two 6.8 scores, and as I said she has been real consistent. Brooklyn Hansen is up there in the breakaway (roping). She doesn’t have her third-go until Friday, and they the top 12 back,” Lammers said. “Brooklyn and Emilee are both going to be a little more aggressive in their third round to move them self up where they want to be.”

Overall, Lammers said he was happy with his team’s performance.

“There are many variables in this game, and I think they’ve done a good job of trying to capitalize on opportunities when they come, but at the same time, we definitely are capable of more than what we showed at this point,” Lammers said. “But, it’s a big accomplishment to make it here, and the experience, with only one senior (Emilee Paulee), the other seven can really build on this environment and atmosphere out here.

“The level of competition is so good for them to seek the first time, and that experience will really light a fire under them going into next year.”

The top five placers in each category, and how BHSU athletes fared after two-go rounds follows.

Team Roping

1. Logan A. Moore (Wharton College) and Mason W. Moore, (Sam Houston State University)    18.0 average and    180.0 points

2. Will C. McCraw (University of Tennessee-Martin)  and Cole Walker (University of Tennessee-Martin) 30.0 average and    100.0 points

3. Brad A. Moreno (Central Arizona College) and Jaken    Todacheenie (Northland Pioneer College) 38.3 average and 65.0 points

4. Trystin Hooper (Western Hills College) and David G. Stark (Fresno State) 40.6 average and 40.0 points

5. Wyatt Hansen (Western Hills College) and Cutter P. Machado (Cal Poly State University - San Luis Obispo) 16.5 average and     65.0 points

31. Clayton J. Backhaus (Black Hills State University) and Tommy Q. Hall    (Dickinson State) 14.5 average and zero points

Barrel Racing

1.Emma M. Smith (Texas A&M)    43.21 average and 100.0 points

2. Tayla Moeykens (Middle Tennessee State) 43.43 average and 105.0 points

3.  Kiara F. Begay (University of Arizona) 43.44 average 50.0 points

4. Kelly J. Bang (Dickinson State) 43.75 average and 30.0 points

5. Madison N. Camozzi (Cal Poly State University - San Luis Obispo) 43.82 average and 30.0 points

30. Emilee M. Pauley (Black Hills State University) 29.74 average and zero points

44. Sydney L. Maher (Black Hills State University) 34.92 average and zero points

Breakaway Roping

1. Briena N. Wells (Weatherford College) 7.6 average and 63.3

2. Maddy K.Deerman,     (Tarleton State University) 7.8 average and 75.0 points

3. Emily A. Knust, Emily A.    (Gillette College) 9.7 average and    40.0 points

4.  Sierra P. Spratt (Cal Poly State University - San Luis Obispo) 11.5 average everage and 30.0 points

5. Kimberly P. Williams,     (Walla Walla Community College)    16.4 average and 115.0 points

9. Brooklyn D. Hanson    (Black Hills State University) 6.3 average and zero points

Steer wrestling

1. Tucker R. Alberts (Missouri Valley College) 13.7 average and 190.0 points

2. Ty  D. Allred , Ty D.    Yes    (Tarleton State University)    18.4 average and    80.0 points

3. Mike H. Nannini (Middle Tennessee State) 23.1 average and    100.0 points

4. Garrett C.Elmore (Southeast Oklahoma State) 11.2 average and    75.0 points

5. Cam Jensen (University of Wyoming) 12.5 average and    zeropoints

6. Austin F. Madison (Black Hills State University) 13.1 average and zero points

Saddle Bronc Riding

1. Shea M. Fournier (McNeese State) 234.0 average and 155.0 points

2. Sage L.Miller (Laramie College)    207.5 average and 75.0 points

3. Garrett T.Cunningham (Montana State University, Northern) 150.0 average and    35.0 points

4. Carson Klingler (Montana State University, Northern) 144.0 average and 55.0 points

5. Isaac D.Richard (McNeese State) 134.0 average and 80.0 points

Bareback Riding

1.Cole P. Franks (Missouri Valley College) 236.0 average and    205.0 points

2. Ty C. Pope (Missouri Valley College)  233.5 average and 185.0 points

3. Denton L. Jacobson (Fort Scott Community College) 220.5 average and 135.0 points

4. Matthew C. Tuni (Fort Lewis College) 196.5 average and 55.0 points

4. Sebastian T. Hotalen (Dixie State) 196.5 average and 40.0    points

Tie Down Roping

1. Cody M. Stewart (Featherwood College) 32.2 average  and 100.0 points

2. Kase J.Bacque(Sam Houston State University) 33.2 average and 80.0 points

3. Myles R.Kenzy (Gillette College) 38.2 average  and 10.0 points

4. Monty W. James (Central Arizona College) 41.0 average and 30.0 points

5. Cash B. Enderli (Weatherford College) 41.4 average and 20.0 points

Goat Tying

1. Kamryn L. Duncan (McNeese State) 18.9 average and 80.0 points

2. Kodey K. Hoss (Weatherford College) 19.1 average and 70.0 points

3. Wacey L. Day (Northeastern Junior College)    20.0 average and 60.0 points

4. Lakin O.Cunningham (Missouri Valley College) 20.2 average and     50.0 points

5. Madalyn S. Richards(Texas A&M)  20.4 average and 45.0 points

13. Cashae G. McGee (Black Hills State University (18.0 average and zero points

26. Emilee M. Pauley Black Hills State University) 13.6 average and zero points

Men’s Team

1. Missouri Valley College    380.0 points

2. Tarleton State University 325.0 points

3. Casper College 310.0 points

4. Panola College 290.0 points

5. McNeese State University    285.0 points

Women’s Team

1. Southwestern Oklahoma State University 215.0 points

2. Texas A&M University    170.0 points

3. Montana State University 150.0 points

4. Cal Poly State University - San Luis Obispo 145.0 points

5. Texas Tech University-Lubbock 40.0 points

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