BELLE FOURCHE — Athletes from Spearfish, Lead-Deadwood, Belle Fourche, and Newell continued their track seasons Tuesday at the Northern Hills Invitational. Belle Fourche hosted the meet at Lou Graslie Field.

Spearfish and Lead-Deadwood finished with a pair of double-event champions.

Jaden Guthmiller of Spearfish claimed top honors in the boys’ 100-meter dash (11.06 seconds) and 200 dash (22.97 seconds).

Lead-Deadwood’s quartet of Jocelyn Dirksen, Mya Lucero, Jayna Prince, and Allison Mollman combined for first place in the girls’ 4x100-meter relay (54.34 seconds) and 4x200 relay (2 minutes 0.77 seconds).

“We saw some nice things happen,” Spearfish head coach Aaron Nida said. He cited the performances of Guthmiller, who was also a part of the boys’ 4x200-meter relay team placing first in 1 minute 37.88 seconds.

Nida also praised Halle Rogers (first place in girls’ high jump at 5 feet 2 inches) and Maddi Doren (second in girls’ long jump, second in girls’ 400-meter dash) for their efforts.

“It was a great day,” Belle Fourche head coach Bill Abell said. “The kids that were performing had a bunch of PRs (personal records).”

Abell said several boys’ pole vaulters had personal records. That featured Lane Longbrake, who exceeded his previous personal best by 18 inches. A 10-foot effort was good for fourth place.

Logan Tyndall (boys’ pole vault), Jayden Secher (second in boys’ long jump), Aiden Voyles (first in boys’ 1,600-meter run at 5 minutes 2.05 seconds), Cole Hockenbary (fifth in boys’ 800 run, sixth in boys’ 1,600 run) and McKenzie Lyons (fifth in girls’ 1,600 run) also earned Abell’s praise for their performances.

“We’ve had three meets, and everyone is falling into form right now,” Newell head coach Kyle Sanderson said.

Sanderson said Rachel Erk’s fourth-place performance in the girls’ long jump stood out. He added the ninth-grader resumed this event for the first time since 2019.

Lead-Deadwood head coach Will Malde said his team enjoyed a fun day.

“I think our kids just took advantage of a really good day to run,” Malde said. “The kids have been in a really good mindset; they’ve been excited to compete.”

The Golddigger girls’ 4x200-meter relay did not go quite how the team wanted, Malde said. He added he was proud of the members for their resiliency in coming back to win.

Lead-Deadwood’s James Pierce started in the boys’ triple jump roughly a week ago and placed first (40 feet 11.50 inches) on Tuesday.

“In the last three weeks, he has really come into his own,” Malde said in describing Pierce. “I think he’s found something he is very talented at, and something we’re very excited about.”

Event winners and other top-six area finishers follow. No team points were kept.

Boys’ 100-meter dash: 1 Jaden Guthmiller (Spearfish) 11.06 seconds.

Boys’ 200-meter dash: 1 Jaden Guthmiller (Spearfish) 22.97 seconds.

Boys’ 400-meter dash: 1 Ben Wise (Spearfish) 52.81 seconds. Other Spearfish: 5 Nathan Allred 56.68.

Boys’ 800-meter run: 1 Lance Christensen (Little Wound) 2 minutes 10.58 seconds. Spearfish: 2 Evan Viergets 2:13.00. Belle Fourche: 4 Nic Lambert 2:18.11, 5 Cole Hockenbary 2:18.49.

Boys’ 1,600-meter run: 1 Aiden Voyles (Belle Fourche) 5 minutes 2.05 seconds. Newell: 2 Garrett Winkler 5:04.10. Spearfish: 5 Paul Hourigan 5:05.62. Other Belle Fourche: 6 Cole Hockenbary 5:10.04.

Boys’ 3,200-meter run: 1 Hunter Skeens (Sundance) 10 minutes 22.63 seconds. Newell: 2 Garrett Winkler 10:49.54. Spearfish: 3 Max Ensor 11:51.16. Belle Fourche: 4 Harley Rivera 11:57.55.

Boys’ 110-meter hurdles: 1 Conrad Barrozo (Rapid City Christian) 16.47 seconds. Spearfish: 3 Conner Kugler 19.31.

Boys’ 300-meter hurdles: 1 Conrad Barrozo (Rapid City Christian) 45.34 seconds. Spearfish: 5 Conner Kugler 50.24.

Boys’ 4x100-meter relay: 1 Upton 47.91 seconds. Spearfish finished second in 49.02. Lead-Deadwood finished fourth in 51.21. Belle Fourche A finished fifth in 52.83.

Boys’ 4x200-meter relay: 1 Spearfish A 1 minute 37.88 seconds.

Boys’ 4x400-meter relay: 1 Lead-Deadwood 3 minutes 49.61 seconds.

Boys’ 4x800-meter relay: 1. Douglas A 9 minutes 53.34 seconds.

Boys’ 1,600-meter sprint medley relay: 1 Sundance 3 minutes 57.06 seconds. Lead-Deadwood finished second in 4:01.60. Spearfish A finished fourth in 4:04.52. Spearfish B finished sixth in 4:15.90.

Boys’ shot put: 1 Jevin Afraid of Lightning (Douglas) 44 feet 1 inch. Spearfish: 2 Gabe Knudson 43-3.

Boys’ discus: 1 Bryce Ackerman (Hulett) 127 feet 7 inches. Spearfish: 3 Gabe Knudson 124-0.

Boys’ high jump: 1 Keegan Hett (Harding County) 5 feet 10 inches. Spearfish: 2 Drason Craig 5-10, 4 Tyler Huber 5-8.

Boys’ pole vault: 1 Brayden Bruce (Upton) 12 feet 6 inches. Belle Fourche: 4 Lane Longbrake 10-0.

Boys’ long jump: 1 Reece Barritt (Upton) 19 feet 6.50 inches. Belle Fourche: 2 Jayden Secher 19-1.75.

Boys’ triple jump: 1 James Pierce (Lead-Deadwood) 40 feet 11.50 inches. Belle Fourche: 2 Jayden Secher 38-11.

Girls’ 100-meter dash: 1 Tori Altstiel (Rapid City Christian) 13.35 seconds. Spearfish: 3 Ella Torres 13.99, 4 Alivia Heairet 14.05.

Girls’ 200-meter dash: 1 Logan Kautzman (Harding County) 29.47 seconds. Belle Fourche: 3 Grace Clooten 29.77. Spearfish: 5 Alivia Heairet 29.94.

Girls’ 400-meter dash: 1 Hanna Bjorkman (Spearfish) 1 minute 1.93 seconds. Other Spearfish: 2 Maddi Doren 1:03.05. Newell: 3 Lexa Burtzlaff 1:05.48, 4 Rachel Erk 1:05.62.

Girls’ 800-meter run: 1 Ahnya Ivie-Moody (Hulett) 2 minutes 33.71 seconds. Spearfish: 2 Madie Donovan 2:45.10, 3 Lilyana Simek 2:45.57, 6 Cassidy Ewing 2:54.93. Belle Fourche: 5 McKenzie Lyons 2:53.45.

Girls’ 1,600-meter run: 1 Ahnya Ivie-Moody (Hulett) 5 minutes 45.61 seconds. Spearfish: 2 Madie Donovan 5:49.95. Belle Fourche: 5 McKenzie Lyons 6:19.73.

Girls’ 3,200-meter run: 1 Ahnya Ivie-Moody (Hulett) 12 minutes 24.99 seconds. Newell: 3 Stacy Mahaffy 13:34.00. Spearfish: 4 Maria Eisenbraun 13:40.59, 5 Elizabeth VanOsdol (Spearfish) 14:14.07.

Girls’ 100-meter hurdles: 1 Morgan Peterson (Edgemont) 18.05 seconds. Belle Fourche: 2 Ayden Kummer 19.20. Lead-Deadwood: 3 Allison Keehn 19.88.

Girls’ 300-meter hurdles: 1 Portia Wiebers (New Underwood) 49.84 seconds. Spearfish: 2 Halle Fjelland 51.19. Belle Fourche: 4 Addy Muhm 56.88, 5 Ayden Kummer 58.03.

Girls’ 4x100-meter relay: 1 Lead-Deadwood 54.34 seconds. Spearfish finished second in 55.03. Belle Fourche finished fifth in 57.29.

Girls’ 4x200-meter relay: 1 Lead-Deadwood 2 minutes 0.77 seconds. Spearfish finished third in 2:03.38. Belle Fourche finished fifth in 2:07.18.

Girls’ 4x400-meter relay: 1 Spearfish A 4 minutes 27.14 seconds. Newell finished second in 4:40.60. Spearfish B finished third in 4:43.70. Belle Fourche A finished fifth in 4:58.94. Lead-Deadwood finished sixth in 5:00.33.

Girls’ 4x800-meter relay: 1 Spearfish 11 minutes 50.10 seconds.

Girls’ 1,600-meter sprint medley relay: 1 Rapid City Christian 4 minutes 45.26 seconds. Belle Fourche finished second in 5:10.40.

Girls’ shot put: 1 Bailey Hofland (Sundance) 32 feet 5 inches. Lead-Deadwood: 6 Rachel Janssen 28-4.

Girls’ discus: 1 Brook Hofland (Sundance) 112 feet 3 inches. Lead-Deadwood: 6 Rachel Janssen 79-0.

Girls’ high jump: 1 Halle Rogers (Spearfish) 5 feet 2 inches. Other Spearfish: 4 Alivia Heairet 4-6. Belle Fourche: 6 Grace Clooten 4-4.

Girls’ pole vault: 1 Jerrica Caylor (Upton) 7 feet 9 inches. Lead-Deadwood: 2 Jayna Prince 7-6, 4 (tie) Clarissa Heisinger 6-6. Belle Fourche: 3 Emilee Giffin 6-6, 4 (tie) Sloan Young 6-6, 6 (tie) Chloe Crago 6-6, 6 (tie) Tori Brill 6-6.

Girls’ long jump: 1 Cerington Jones (New Underwood) 16 feet 9.25 inches. Spearfish: 2 Maddi Doren 16-5. Newell: 4 Rachel Erk 15-0.50.

Girls’ triple jump: 1 Sammi Comes (Harding County) 30 feet 11.25 inches. Lead-Deadwood: 3 Jocelyn Dirksen 30-2.75. Belle Fourche: 5 Dylan Stedillie 29-3.

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