SPEARFISH — What was intended to be a public forum discussion with an elected official turned into an angry yell-fest as a large crowd gathered at Creekside Bean and Vine in Spearfish on Thursday to vent their frustrations to Sen. Mike Rounds, R-S.D., at times even pointing the finger directly at him.

After a few opening comments on the recent legislative actions he’s been involved with; including blocking the asset infrastructure review (AIR) commission, voting against the Inflation Reduction Act, and most recently introducing the senate version of the PASS Act, Rounds opened the floor to questions and concerns from the crowd and was almost immediately met with finger-pointing and accusations.


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Luna Tick

Spearfish woman living in an almost all white town, in a solidly red state, some 1,250 miles north of the border feels "unsafe" walking down the street. No respect for Spearfish police, I guess. [beam]


This was the first republican event I attended in this community. The disrespect Senator Rounds was greeted with was beyond me. Just because you are outraged, does not give you permission to treat people poorly. We are a small state. We are all neighbors. I was so dishearted at this event, but it also motivated me to get involved. It motivated me to start letting people know there are Republicans in this county who don't believe in rhetoric and fear mongering. There are issues, serious issues that need to be addressed in our nation, dividing a party by deciding who can be classified as "in name only" plays well for the other side, but not for the party doing it. It's time we get serious and stop screaming at each other.


Happy to see Rounds defended the 2020 elections -- it's wild to see how many folks harrangued him....I guess only extremists would be welcomed in that group -- I hope that group wasn't really representative of the folks in the Northern HIlls area....I thought better of the electorate here.

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