Spearfish updates public on Jackson Blvd. Phase 2 construction

With Phase 2 underway, city officials updated the public on what’s to come for Jackson Boulevard in Spearfish.

Pioneer photo by Alex Portal

SPEARFISH — Phase 2 of the Jackson Boulevard Project is already underway, and city officials took some time to stream an update of the project to the public Tuesday.

“I apologize in advance for not having an in-person meeting. It’s pretty difficult with the COVID spacing standards and everything to get everybody in here adequately,” said Kyle Mathis, Spearfish City Engineer.

Mathis was joined by representatives from RCS Construction, the prime contractor for the project, as well as Adam McMahon, assistant public works director for the city, and gave presentations on what citizens can expect to see in the coming year.

“Phase 2 will entail works from 10th Street, to Exit 12,” Mathis said. “And then from 3rd Street, to University, as well as some striping changes on University from Jackson Boulevard up to Mason Street, up to the Black Hills State Campus.”

Phase 2 of the project will also include the construction of a roundabout at Ames Street.

“(The traffic study) showed that this intersection did not warrant having a stoplight there,” Mathis explained. “The intersection is also very problematic because it has a significant skew to it, so a single lane roundabout fits well there.”

Street work on Phase 2 began on July 7 and should continue through November when it will be suspended for the winter. McMahon said there will be no suspension of work during the Rally. Roadwork is scheduled to commence again in late March or early April 2021, with a substantial completion date set for October 2021.

McMahon said residents can expect to see much of the same traffic control and construction work in Phase 2 as was seen in Phase 1.

“That might look a little bit different in different areas depending on where the work is located,” he said.

McMahon said a maximum of only two side streets will be closed at any given time while construction is underway. During construction of the roundabout either St. Joe Street or Ames Street will remain open at any given time to aloe access to the houses and businesses in that area. If a residence or business has more than one access point, one will remain open at all times during construction, however, if there is only one access point, it may need to be blocked.

“In those instances (construction crews will) have to coordinate with the home owner or business owner when they close that access down and be limited to 72 hours for that closure as underground work progresses across that access,” he said.

Evan Walterman, project manager for RCS Construction, said construction on the roundabout is scheduled to begin when work resumes next spring after the winter suspension.

“At points there won’t be any access to the north, to Ames Street, but what we’ll have is a detour route on St. Joe Street,” Walterman said.

Walterman also reiterated that work crews will be willing to accommodate any needs that could arise for residents or business owners while construction is underway.

“If there’s any concerns or issues you have with large trucks or vehicles, things like that, just look for someone with a white hardhat while we’re out there and we’ll make sure we can accommodate and get your deliveries taken care of,” he said.

Once the area around the roundabout is complete, around the end of June 2021, Walterman said crews will go back and complete the surfacing and pavement markings around 3rd Street.

“Then that will bring us to Phase 2.8, That’s University Street towards Ames,” he said.

As with Phase 1, Walterman said once all utility upgrades and road construction has been completed in each section, landscaping will take place along the medians, and pavement markings will be applied.

“That’ll be October next year, kind of one of the last things that happen,” he said.

McMahon asked for the public’s continued patience and cooperation during the coming months, and said regular updates and traffic control schedules will continue to be posted via door knockers, the city website, and future articles in the Black Hills Pioneer.

“This project will be an inconvenience to the public, we do recognize that,” he said. “If you have questions or concerns please feel free to call the city.”

For more information about the Jackson Boulevard Project Phase 2, contact either Mathis or McMahon by calling the city at 717-1156, or emailing Adam.McMahon@cityofspearfish.com or Kyle.Mathis@cityofspearfish.com.  A complete recording of the city’s presentation will be available at www.cityofspearfish.com.


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It would be interesting to see an article about the medians/data about the line of sight. I have heard many people complain that they cannot see around them as they are trying to turn onto Jackson.

Mr. Silppyfist

What a complete waste of time and money.

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