Spearfish rejects streets project bids

Scheduled street maintenance in the Rolling Hills area of Spearfish will be postponed until next year because the bids came in over budget and the engineer’s estimate. Pioneer photo by Alex Portal

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SPEARFISH — A scheduled street repair project located throughout the Rolling Hills area in Spearfish will be postponed until next year following a recommendation by City Engineer Kyle Mathis.

Mathis explained to council that all bids for the project had come in over the engineer’s estimate and well over the actual budget.

“Obviously we think it might be beneficial to deny the bids here and bid this section as well as whatever else we have next year,” he said.

The project was scheduled as part of the city’s annual efforts to maintain roadways until more inclusive construction is necessary.

“What it is, is just kind of a band aid,” Mathis said. “That typically holds us over until we can get in there a few years down the road and do a full-fledge street project where we do all the handicap ramps, mill, overlay with all the streets.”

The project was budgeted at $229,864, the lowest bid came from GTI Companies, Inc., for $280,644.20; which Mathis said was foreseeable due to the city being unable to request bids earlier in the year. Mathis explained that smaller-scale projects, like scheduled street maintenance, are designed by city staff.

“With all the delay’s, and COVID, and Jackson coming out late we finished the project design a lot later than we wanted to,” he said. “Typically the sooner you bid (projects) out that year, the better off you are because contractors are still looking for work.”

Mathis said, as for now, there’s nothing going on in that area of town that requires immediate attention.

“If there were some real bad areas up there we’d probably bite the bullet and move forward, but there’s nothing up there that’s going to cause any issues that can’t hold over for one more year,” he said.

The council voted reset the bids, and to postpone the project in Rolling Hills until next year, when Mathis said, hopefully, they will be able to bid the work out earlier in the year.

“We believe we’d get more advantageous unit pricing on that stuff,” he said.

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There is only one street in the entire subdivison that has a boulevard and it's only approximately a block long. To match the rest of the streets, removal would benefit everyone. It's hard to drive in the winter due to poor snow removal.


While you're rebidding the project in Rolling Hills, consider removing the boulevard!

It's a nusaince making the street too narrow!!!

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