Sadie’s Place features quality consignments, artwork

Brothers Jonathan and Caleb Ware moved to Lead from Colorado to open Sadie’s Place.

Pioneer photo by Wendy Pitlick

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LEAD — Sadie is a bassett hound, who loves to politely greet people who visit her shop, Sadie’s Place, Lead’s newest art and consignment store.

Although, Sadie’s owners, Jonathan and Caleb Ware named their new store after their furry friend, they say the hound will only be around to greet customers on Saturdays. But from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday, customers are encouraged to peruse the multitude of variety in antiques, consignments and Caleb’s custom acrylic artwork.

Jonathan and Caleb moved to Lead last September in an effort to get away from COVID-19 shut downs and adverse politics in Colorado. Born and raised in the mountain state, the pair said they were poised to open the consignment shop in Canyon City, Colo. right before the pandemic hit in 2020. Then, as the state became more and more locked down amidst COVID-19 concerns, the brothers began looking for a more friendly place to do business.

“We’d been looking around to places to move to from Colorado, but we’ve been zoning in on South Dakota for awhile because it seems like a good place in general,” Caleb said. “There is so much to do here in the Black Hills. When the lockdowns hit this was definitely the place to go because it was just more free here.”

Since arriving in Lead and opening their doors, Jonathan and Caleb said they have thoroughly enjoyed the welcoming spirit of the Lead community. “We love Lead,” Caleb said. “We love the community here and it has just been very refreshing. The community has been very receptive to us. We’ve got a lot of good feedback from the store here.”

The store itself features a large variety and assortment of consigned items, interspersed with Caleb’s beautiful acrylic paintings on wood panels. From antique Barbie dolls, to spoons, yard decorations, tools, and more, the store has something for just about everyone, at reasonable prices that support local consignors.

“We consign with pretty much anybody who wants to bring in their stuff,” Caleb said. “We just like to keep a variety of items. Anything from antiques to local artwork and unique items.”

Sadie’s Place is located at 403 Glendale Dr., along the highway to Central City.

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