Quick response makes quick work of structure fire Monday

A structure fire at 305 Seaton Circle in Spearfish. Pioneer photo by Alex Portal

SPEARFISH — A structure fire at 305 Seaton Circle near the Black Hills Pioneer office was quickly contained and put down Monday evening with no injuries and minimal damage to the building.

“We basically had a call that there was smoke billowing out of a structure at 305 Seaton Circle,” said Spearfish Fire Chief Travis Ladson. “Upon arrival (we) found a garage door open and … a medium amount of smoke billowing out of a commercial tin building.”

The building houses three local businesses – Rolling Bones Outdoor, in Suite 1; Air Systems Mechanical, in Suite 2; and Something Borrowed, LLC., in Suite 3. Ladson said the incident was caused by a welding bench catching on fire in the back of Suite 2.

“People weld all the time (in businesses) and that’s always the one thing, you always check things over and hope that you don’t leave a hot spot somewhere,” he said. “It does happen, it’s accidental.”

An individual from Rolling Bones Outdoor was the first to notice the smoke and call 911.

“Thank goodness he was around and noticed this, because he probably saved that building,” Ladson said.

Due to the early response, Ladson said the fire was contained to the workbench and a nearby wall.

“They took some fire extinguishers and hit the area where it was at and helped kind of keep it at bay until we got there to finish putting it out the rest of the way,” he said.

Ladson said there were four apparatus and around 20 personnel on scene, and  it took around seven minutes to knock the fire completely out, but crews remained for approximately 90 minutes to ensure all heat sources were extinguished.

“We’ve got to really check for extension in all the joists and rafters and all that stuff just because the heat gets in to that insulation and fire just creeps,” he said.

Although Ladson was thankful to the individual who alerted officials and helped keep the flames at bay until they arrived, he cautioned that in a situation where there’s smoke, people should keep their distance.

“We understand when something’s going on that people want to help get it out and extinguish it, but what we worry about is people’s lungs,” he said. “Once you get some damage to your lungs, you never get back to normal or like they were.”

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