Progress RV takes over K&K Kustoms in Belle Fourche

Pictured is Progress RV off of Hwy. 85 north of Belle Fourche. Pioneer photo by Paul Baker

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BELLE FOURCHE — Jim and Kelli Ryan, owners of Progress RV, took over for previous owner Kevin Keegan of K&K Kustoms. 

The shop is located at 18731 U.S. Hwy. 85 on the north edge of Belle Fourche, north of Highway 212.

The business will keep to the same values as K&K of offering customers RV parts, accessory, and repair.

Though the Ryans have never owned an RV shop before, Jim has worked in RV repair for over 24 years.

Jim Ryan has lived in Belle Fourche for 15 years and for the last nine years, has worked for Kevin of K&K Kustoms. Prior to working at K&K, Ryan worked for Pete’s Custom Conversions in Belle Fourche.

Before moving to Belle Fourche, Jim and Kelli lived and grew up in California. 

“We escaped long ago when it was pretty evident that that was not the place to raise children,” Jim Ryan said.

When asked what inspired Ryan to purchase and acquire the business, Ryan said “(Kevin) was looking to pursue other interest, and I didn’t want to have to go find a new job, so I started working on the deal to see if we could purchase this one and fortunately my wife and I were able to pull that off,” Ryan said.

Other than the name change, the business will still offer all the same services, such as horse trailer repair, RV repair, custom work, and more. 

One major change, though, is the upscale custom interior offered by Keegan. 

“One of Kevin’s passions was the custom interiors and cabinet making. He’s also a cabinetmaker. Now that he’s left, we no longer have that ability to build fancy cabinets,” Ryan said.

Progress RV will still be able to do cabinetry, just not to the degree of Keegan’s signature cabinetwork. 

One of Ryan’s favorite aspects of RV repair, is “everyday it’s something different. Today might be plumbing; tomorrow we might be welding aluminum; the day after we might be working on electrical. Always changing,” Ryan said.

Although RV season has come and gone, the jobs have not slowed down at the shop.

“We’ve kind of went through a large wave of winterizing in September, October, maybe a little late-comers in November,” Ryan said. “But we’re very fortunate now where we got all kinds of hail repair and roof replacement jobs that people have saved for us for the winter months, which is wonderful.”

The shop also offers a retail store for products that camp-goers may want to acquire for their trips to make their stays more enjoyable. 

For more information, go to or call 723-1132.

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