Prairie Hills Pharmacy open to serve the community

Prairie Hills Pharmacy is open for business at 319 Summit St. in Belle Fourche. Pictured in back from left: Amanda Dahl and Cheryl Westland. In front from left: Sammi Newman, Turner Rathbun, and Cindy Cowan. Courtesy photo 

BELLE FOURCHE — Prairie Hills Pharmacy opened its doors Sept. 23 at 319 Summit St., in Belle Fourche, giving the community another choice for their prescription medication needs.

“It’s been going well, the community has been really, really good,” Cheryl Westland, owner, said. 

Originally from Montana, Westland has lived in Belle Fourche for nine years. She earned a bachelor science biology degree from Black Hills State University and went on to pharmacy school in Montana.

“But in the summers, I’d come back here and work,” she said, explaining she worked at the pharmacy in Lynn’s Dakotamart in Belle Fourche. 

Then when the Shopko Pharmacy closed Feb.12, leaving only one pharmacy in Belle Fourche, Westland felt compelled to strike out on her own.

“I thought ‘well, this is my opportunity,” she said. 

The Belle Fourche area has been welcoming to the pharmacy, located just one block east of Fifth Avenue in Belle Fourche.

“This community is just so great because they just support their own,” Westland said. “They’re all about the independent pharmacy.”

The location is prime for the pharmacy, Westland said, giving customers plenty of parking and, if you’re on the go, a drive-through.

“We have lots of parking for pickups and trailers because this is a ranching community,” she said. “It’s nice to be able to just swing in real quick and grab their meds and head home. This place was perfect.”

Westland wanted to craft her pharmacy to resemble an old-fashioned type pharmacy with a small gift shop like area to the side of the medications and pharmacy counter. Stocked with gift ideas and knick-knack items galore. 

“We have pottery that comes from Montana; we also have the horse hair pottery that a girl makes in Mitchell,” she said. “Some of the embroidery stuff comes from a local lady here in town. We’re trying to work with some of the local merchants as well and get some of their things in.”

“Since we lost Shopko, we really don’t have anywhere to go if you need to grab a gift,” Westland said. “So that’s kind of what we were shooting for is kind of a one-stop shop where you could grab a quick gift and a card and head out.”

In addition to prescription medications and gift shop offerings, the pharmacy carries a full line of over-the-counter medications and vitamins and first aid materials. 

A special amenity that Westland added to the space was a private consultation room to discuss medication, side effects, and additional information with clients in privacy. 

Prairie Hills Pharmacy held a grand opening celebration and ribbon cutting at their location Friday. 

Westland looks forward to the pharmacy’s future serving Belle Fourche.

“It’s been an adventure, that’s for sure,” Westland said. “It was a challenge but it’s been rewarding and I’m excited about it.”

The store is open 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, and closed on Sunday.

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