Northern Hills SOS receives $10,000 grant

Christine Pierson, executive director of Northern Hills S.O.S. receives a $10,000 donation from the 100 Women Who Care About Spearfish on behalf of Northern Hills SOS. Pioneer photo by Alex Portal

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SPEARFISH — An organization whose mission is to assist those in need and those wanting to help received a $10,000 grant from a philanthropic group of women. 

On Nov. 7 Northern Hills SOS was the recipient of a $10,000 donation from the 100 Women Who Care About Spearfish charity group.

“For SOS, it’s not just about the money, I mean the $10,000, that’s a huge deal and we’re just ever so grateful, but … I think it validated us too, in a lot of ways,” said Christine Pierson executive director of Northern hills SOS. “On the money side of things this is a huge benefit to us being able to keep moving forward with what we’re doing.”

“We started as just a small church committee, probably six or seven years ago. The feedback we got way back then even, was that something was needed to help organize everything that’s going on,” Pierson said.

“The service that was needed was actually organization.”

Pierson said the small church group began to grow its community outreach, they quickly realized that with all services being offered throughout the Black Hills, even people looking to show their support can have a hard time figuring out where to turn to best utilize their talents. 

“I always sort of think of in like a triangle,” she said. “So you have the person in need at the top … out at one bottom corner you have the agencies who are (there to help), and now we’ve identified this third piece, which is people that want to volunteer,” she said.

“We started to go look at the process of, how do we take this giving of this church community out into the bigger community.”

The group decided to form a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to helping people help people.

“It is such a giving and generous community, there are tons of organizations but it can be hard to track it all down,” Pierson said.

“If we can kind of just help organize the organizations, as over simplified as that sounds, but that could maybe be a key piece.”

Pierson said she felt called to head up the group, and was named executive director with an eight-member board of directors and for the past 18 months Northern Hills SOS has been bringing charitable events and people together.

“My mom was a social worker, and I think that without me even realizing it, I think that some of her experiences and some of what she did … it must have rubbed off on me,” she said

For more information about Northern Hills SOS visit, or call Pierson at (605) 920-1975.

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