New fees for waterpark, cannabis establishments, and right-of-ways

Increased fees at the Spearfish water park will go to help offset the wage increase needed to recruit lifeguards to the facility. Pioneer file photo

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SPEARFISH — To help offset the cost of raising the hourly wage for lifeguards at the Spearfish water park to $15, fees for park passes will also be raised as of Oct. 25.

Most fees charged by the facility will increase a few dollars, with the most significant price jump coming from the single water park seasonal membership going from $136 to $200. All fees will include sales tax.

To help sweeten the pot on the increase to the membership fee, Spearfish Parks and Rec Director Tyler Ehnes said each membership would come with two free day passes for guests.

“So people who have cousins, or grandparents, or somebody in town, they’d be able to use those day passes for the member’s only swim,” he said.

As in years past, Ehnes said membership passes would be sold at half price until May 1. Councilman Larry Klarenbeek asked Ehnes what effect removing the half off sale might have.

“For the full price membership we only sold 138 memberships, with the half price we sold 1,567, so I think it would make a pretty big difference,” Ehnes said. “We sell probably around 1,000 or more in that last week that we have that half price sale so people really look forward to that.”

Other fees

The new rates also include several new fees including a right-of-way permit fee of $50 per excavation of 400 lineal feet, and the application and licensing fees for cannabis establishments. The city is limiting the number of permissible licenses of any cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, or testing facilities to two, with one license available for a dispensary. The licensing and renewal fees for any establishment will be $5,000, with a nonrefundable application fee of $1,500. The application fee will be applied to the licensing fee charged to the successful applicant.

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