Meade County OKs hiring auditor’s office staff

Kevin Forrester is serving both as Meade County’s facility manager/IT director as well as auditor. At the Meade County Commission meeting Tuesday, Forrester was wearing his IT hat while helping county commissioner Rod Bradley get connected to the county’s Wi-Fi. The commission agreed to hire two temporary employees for the auditor’s office. Courtesy photo

STURGIS — The Meade County Commission has approved two short-term employees for the county auditor’s office.

The county was left scrambling when former auditor Lisa Schieffer submitted her resignation on May 11. One other full-time employee left just prior to Schieffer and since her resignation, the other half-time employee has left.

Kevin Forrester was appointed the new Meade County Auditor by the Meade County Commission on May 25.

Schieffer, who had worked for the county for 28 years, was hired as the new city administer for the city of Summerset after leaving the county.

The city of Summerset had a number of top candidates for the position, said Summerset Mayor Melanie Torno.

“We, the city, had preliminary phone interviews and a panel interview with some of Summerset’s department heads for a select few candidates. We were all impressed with Lisa and knew she was the right fit for Summerset’s City Administrator,” Torno said.  

The Meade County Commission appointed Forrester in a dual role position, so he has continued as facility manager/IT director as well as auditor. Forrester has served Meade County as the facility manager/IT director for 25 years.

Forrester said Tuesday the employees hired for the auditor’s office would help to work on the Total Vote system and accounts receivable.

The office uses a QuickBooks system and Forrester said he has found that not all the data entry was done the same way.

“The best path forward, it appears to me, is to import our accounts list and then it will be up to us to manually clean everything up from there,” he said.

The QuickBooks system will be replaced by an accounts receivable module which interfaces with the county’s current Incode 10 program.

Forrester said he was asking for temporary employees until he could get a better understanding of some of the other job duties needed in the auditor’s office without making more permanent decisions at this point.

“The temporary help will keep us moving forward and give us some time to get some additional training,” he said.

The temporary employees will work 40 hours a week, but only for a couple months. The county had hired a full-time employee for the auditor’s office just prior to Schieffer’s departure.

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