Lotus Vision Healing and Meditation Center to join Lotus Up

Lotus Vision Healing and Meditation Center in Lead, will be on the bottom floor of Lotus Up. Pioneer photo by Paul Baker

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LEAD — Lotus Vision Healing and Meditation Center will join Lotus Up and be in the lower level of the building for alternate methods of healing.

Jamie Gilcrease Heupel, the leader of this project and owner of Lotus Up, is also an entrepreneur coach and will host sessions in the space for that as well. 

“It’s all different modalities of healing with the understanding that humans can literally heal themselves with the right tools,” Heupel said. 

Methods of healing will include yoga, hypnosis, meditation, and any and other ways that healing teachers can come up with, such as rage yoga.

Since the space is big and open, it has also been used to host baby showers, business plan training, and anything that people need to utilize the open area for. 

Both Lotus Up and Lotus Vision Healing and Meditation are under the LLC of Lotus Holding. So in one spot, at 95 E. Main St., you can get coffee, food, and meditate.

“We hit the mind, body, and spirit,” said Heupel.

Heupel hopes to have a full schedule of events and activities by Jan. 1.

“We’re hoping to have a monthly schedule out, very similar to the Hot Room in Spearfish. They have set schedules right now. We have a yoga instructor that will be there every Thursday from 5:30 to 6:30 (p.m.), and we will hopefully fill those slots with different healing instructors,” Heupel said. 

Dynamic meditation will be held at the center at 7 a.m. every Sunday. Another form of meditation will include layer meditation, which focuses on healing through music. 

“One of the ways we’re doing that is myself and the hypnosis will be doing a combination of a make and take with essential oil and then going in and teaching people how to self-hypnotize so they can maybe battle some of the things that they have with anxiety or depression,” Heupel said. “It’s really outside of the box.”

As the owner of Lotus Up, Heupel said she has passed on the business to be in the hands of a couple managers. 

“Hopefully at some point, we’ll be able to work with the different teachers. It’s almost as if it’s a makerspace, but for healers,” Heupel said. “So people that might not have a space to go to, I have 1,800 square feet of a beautiful property and I wanted it being used by people that are helping people. So I just created space for that and we’re looking for teachers. We’re looking for healers.”

Vision Board Classes will be at 10 a.m. on the first Sunday of each month at Lotus Up.

For more information, visit lotusvisioncoaching.com.

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