L-D School officials plan $3.3M in capital outlay expenditures

Continued improvements at Mountain Top Field in the amount of $150,000, including an entryway and softball fields, are part of the fiscal year 2022 preliminary capital outlay expenditure plan. Pioneer photo by Jaci Conrad Pearson

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LEAD — School District Superintendent Dr. Dan Leikvold presented the Lead-Deadwood Board of Education with a preliminary list of capital outlay expenditures for fiscal year 2022 totaling $3.3 million.

“What I’d really like to focus on is years 2022-2026,” said Leikvold. “Those are our five-year plan, and especially 2022. You see that the debt from Phase 3 is in there, and some technology purchases, the buttresses at the back of the English wing, the entryway to the east side of Mountaintop, up there by the new bathrooms, so people know where to go in there.”

Also included in the plan is the Mountain Top Hill remodel, with softball fields, while still being able to accommodate football and track practice; and new furniture for the superintendent office.

“One thing to note that is important,” Leikvold said. “We did increase the transfer to capital outlay from general fund from $750,000 to $1 million, obviously to help with the structural deficit.”

Phase 3 debt, year one is budgeted at $369,684; Phase 3 district cash, $1 million; technology, $250,000; English wing buttresses, $150,000; Mountain Top entryway, $50,000; Mountain Top Field remodel, $100,000; office furniture superintendent office, $5,000; copiers, $35,000; maintenance, $30,000; food service, $5,000; co-curricular, $30,000; district car, $35,000; maintenance truck, $40,000; elementary, $46,000; middle school, $40,000; high school, $40,000; library, $20,000; curriculum, $30,000; and transfer to general fund, $1 million.

School District Business Manager pointed out the $1 million cash school district officials discussed moving to the Phase 3 remodel is in the plan.

The district is going out to bid for the first part of the Phase 3 project, a restroom realignment, and the board is expected to see the bid amounts at the March meeting.

“If you look at the fund balance, this is the good news, here, again, it sort of depends on our enrollment and the CPI, cost of inflation,” Leikvold said. “If you look at this, which is the end of 2022, which is the next fiscal year, we’re still at $440,000, and then after that, it grows quite a bit.” 

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